Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Mens Shoes

Below: Givenchy Pre-spring 2014 mens shoes... 'Vans' looking slip-ons or 'Birkenstock 'identical sandals in the season's key rose and camouflage prints? YES! YES! YES!
Below: High tops with unique details such as plaited whipstitch trimmings and tartan print awaits adoption next Pre-spring 2014. But my heart is set on the rose camouflage print version...
Givenchy Pre-spring 2014 Mens Shoes

Givenchy rules when it comes to use of innovative prints. I have blogged about Pre-spring 2014’s gorgeous rose and orange camouflage bags in many of Givenchy’s fan favourite designs. Now, let’s drool over the shoes, which again surprises and ignites that buying impulse.

Most noteworthy were the high tops featuring the key prints of Givenchy’s pre-spring 2014 season. I am a fan of the rose camouflage high tops and orange camouflage slip-ons (similar to Vans). The white pair with plaited whipstitch trimmings demonstrate details do matter in design. Love the unique treatment, that is understated but outstanding at the same time.

Also pay attention to those birkenstock looking sandals in the same aforementioned prints, which I foresee will be another hit seller. Easy to wear and goes with every summer attire!

As for getting fashionably beach attired, Givenchy has introduced flip flops that feature cute Bambi prints definitely deemed worthy of acquiring. It’s an ironic juxtaposition of cartoon cuteness and Givenchy’s Gothic dark charm.

Start saving up.... Givenchy’s pre-spring 2014 collection is going to hemorrhage your bank account! I know mine would:-P

Below: Bambi will be your best beach companion come next Pre-spring 2014... Givenchy says so:-P

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