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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mulberry Matthew Mens Bags For Fall Winter 2013

Below: It's been a while since Mulberry launched a noteworthy mens collection, and the Matthew Collection for Fall Winter 2013 is definitely worth the wait... Check out this handsome Mulberry Matthew 24Hour bag in Oak Micrograin Calf...
 Below: The Matthew collection is characterised by an address tag on the front and crafted in micrograin calf. Adore this Matthew Holdall with an interesting wedge silhouette...
Understated Appeal: Mulberry Matthew Mens Bags For Fall Winter 2013

Mulberry introduces the new Matthew collection for Fall Winter 2013. It’s been a while since the brand launched a noteworthy mens range and the Matthew collection is indeed well worth the wait. Characterised by an address tag on the front panel and crafted with soft smooth micrograin calf.... these bags whispered luxury in every way. Subtle but recognisable, the range includes a very handy Mulberry Matthew 24hour bag (£1600) in gorgeous oak colour and comes with a handy shoulder strap to ease those tired travelling arms. One of my favourites!

Or choose the Matthew Holdall (£1450) in an interesting wedge silhouette which work well as an overnighter or days when you need more room to carry your stuff. For work, the Matthew Single Document Case (£1100) and Matthew Tote (with option for a handy shoulder strap. Retails for £1100) will impress on and off work.

Which one will you take home this Fall Winter2013? I vote for the Matthew 24Hour Bag in Oak, the warm brown and brass hardware best embodied classic luxurious:-)

Below: For work, the Mulberry Matthew Single Document Case and Matthew Tote definitely will impress in and out of the office...
Source: Mulberry

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