Monday, 26 January 2015

Valentino Spring Summer 2015 Camupsychedelic Collection

Below: It's an explosion of colours for Valentino's latest expression of the camouflage pattern... check out the new Spring Summer 2015 Camupsychedelic collection! I love the new camouflage pattern, especially on shoes. Happy feet indeed:-)

 Below: From shoes to backpacks and totes... there is something for everyone this summer... I love the Camupsychedelic collection. So happy summer fun...
Valentino Spring Summer 2015 Mens Camupsychedelic Collection

The exploration for new expressions of Camouflage pattern continues at Valentino. Now becoming synonymous to the brand, the camouflage print gets revitalised yet again (Read about the  Camubutterfly collection here) for Spring Summer 2015. This time in a psychedelic explosion of the brightest hues ever.

Welcome the Camupsychedelic collection! Layering striking splashes of yellows, blues, reds and more, amongst the olive drab greens of our familiar camouflage print, opens up new levels of visual excitement for the brand. I guess the idea of blending in gets irrelevant now with this new version of camouflage. Because you will definitely stand out like a beacon when spotted with the new collection. Camouflage has just become wild and fun for summer!

My favourites from the collection has to be the Rockrunner sneakers (USD910), the hooded wind jacket (USD1380) and of course the backpack (USD2030) and the tote bag (USD1050) (each spotting studded details for an all-out Valentino effect). Love!

Below: Brightly coloured shirts are available too in this new Camupsychedelic print! Stand out and never blend into the crowd:-)

Source: Valentino

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James R. Sanders said...

It took me a while to get used to the "New" valentino. The two former accessories directors for the brand are now the creative directors. They have been for a couple of years, but what can I say? I'm loyal, and even though Valentino Garavani himself gave them the green-light, It still took me a while to follow suit. But now that I've resolved within myself the retiring of Mr. Garavani, I'm thrilled with what they're doing. He was one of the kings of old school luxury, and these new directors have taken the brand to a much more edgy, and narrative-driven perspective and I love it. I think I'll always miss the old Valentino, but this new fresh, modern and romantic/goth Valentino is starting to seriously make me want everything in their mens collection.