Saturday, 17 January 2015

Valentino Spring 2015 Mens Camubutterfly Collection

Below: For Spring 2015, Valentino refreshes the masculine camouflage print with a touch of sensuality... Check out the colourful and imaginative Camubutterfly collection... which comprises highly desirable items from rockrunner sneakers to amazing backpacks! LOVE!

 Below: Summer weather calls for more patterns. And these Valentino Camubutterfly prints are perfect to accentuate colourful looks for warmer months to come! The T-shirt and backpack gets my top votes:-)
Valentino Spring 2015 Mens Camubutterfly Collection

Valentino has to be credited for the resurgence of interest in camouflage pattern in menswear lately. Although the pattern has been a recurring source of inspiration for my designers, Valentino took the pattern to new desirability and has now become synonymous with this highly appealing and masculine pattern.

Camouflage print has been interpreted millions of times around. How far can you push this pattern to attain another level of freshness? Well, Valentino has the answer. Presented as a Fall Winter 2014/2015 Pre-collection for the ladies, the men are getting a somewhat later start to the Camubutterfly collection.

The camouflage print is a very masculine pattern associated with the military. To soften the effect and bring a new sensuality to the print, Valentino has injected a flurry of fluttering butterflies to form a new style of camouflage pattern. The colourful and imaginative wings are layered over one another, hued in coordinated colour range of olives and khakis while bringing out beautiful pinks, greens, oranges and whites. The Camubutterfly is born. I love this softer ode to camouflage... especially when men are more receptive to the idea of a more flamboyant print. (Men love their florals!).

For the mens Camubutterfly collection... look out for amazing Rockrunners sneakers (USD910), Nylon Printed Backpacks (USD2030), Espadrilles (USD450) and embroidered butterfly motif jackets (USD3350), Printed Trousers (USD910) to swimshorts and t-shirts (Both at USD490).
Source: Valentino

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