Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Prada 'Trembled Blossoms" Animation Clip

Prada and James Jean- 'Trembled Blossoms'
Spring 2008 collection

I was really impressed when I first saw Prada's women collection for spring 2008, inspired by the whimsical, fantasy nymphs and sprites drawn by the very talented James Jean and in collaboration with UK design firm, 2x4. I adore the free spirited sketchy pencil line work combined with splashes of colours against a white background. It is a refreshing style of illustration and greatly absorbs the person viewing it. The nymph characters has an aura of mysterious beauty which is perfectly suited for Prada.

To my greatest surprise today, I found out Prada actually did a short animation clip of the nymph character and was conceptualised by James Jean with mesmerising music by cocorosie. Check out the link for the animation....see how it intergrates the Prada merchandise into the clip. Simply fascinating and makes me fall in love with Prada's collection all over again! way to go, Miuccia!:-P

The clip was premiered at the Epicenter store in NYC on 5 February 2008. You can view a big size version at

Lastly, I was surprised that James Jean is asian! No wonder I see a certain asian influence in his work.

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I was surprised as well!