Tuesday, 12 February 2008

My Shoe Collection #09

Prada White Grained Leather Loafers

Okay, I know I should be posting more bags than shoes here on this blog...but I was getting a bit lazy to dig out my bags and photographed them, especially on a workday. So I thought to post the shoes I photographed over last weekend as it is more 'convenient'.:-P

so here's another addition to the 'My Shoe Collection' family...Prada White Grained Leather Loafers! Supremely comfortable, cushioned sole and very soft leather, this shoe is a joy to wear. I chose white as I wanted to achieve a sailing, yachting look to compliment my white Gucci bermudas(which has an anchor embroidery on its back pocket). A nice buckle hardware adds interest to the overall shoe design. Prada's brand name is discreetly engraved on one side of the buckle.

One thing that bothered me was the sales associates told me this is a recurring classic style that prada will not have on sale. But right after I got the shoe in spring 2007, that season it went on sale. Grrr...fortunately for my VIP discount at Prada, I don't have to pay full price for the shoe. That's consolation, in the very least:-)

Retail price: SGD $590. Where to buy: Prada Boutique at Paragon


shoe-holic said...

Almost bought this pair of loafers. Just couldn't see myself in them. What other prada shoes do you have? Kindly provide a shoe(w)-case ;p I only have 6 pairs so far *sigh*

Kevin said...

Hahaha, this pair of loafers was acquired becos I wanted to achieve a boating look.:-) White loafers are prefect with white shorts.

I have quite a number of pairs of prada shoes. Many pairs unworn. some dated back to 5-6 years ago. Oh my. I feel so bad. I think from an initial count, 6 pairs of prada sneakers, 1 pair of sandals. I dun think I will ever be able to wear all of them since some feels dated now. and many new pairs of shoes awaits me to wear them as well.:-(

I think 6 pairs is not too bad:-) hehe. Well, we all love shoes. the easiest thing to purchase:-)


shoe-holic said...

might be breaking in my open-toe sneaker/sandal tmr. ;-)

Kevin said...

oh...I am envious! I have not gotten news about whether my size 7 can be brought in. May have to get 7.5 instead. enjoy the shoe!