Friday, 11 July 2008

Gender Bender #25

Alexander Mcqueen Flapper Biker Bag

I have raved about this bag before in my previous post. But that was in a different colour, a light beige hue. However, upon seeing this olive green 'antiqued' leather version with brass hardware, it rekindled my love for this bag even more. Absolutely beautiful bag, wonderful masculine colour (Old military colour?) and in aged leather where the patina will garner even more character thru prolonged use. And the brass hardware just adds some richness to the colour scheme. The shape of the bag is a tall and slender frame with a buckled flap closure that is interesting and non intrusive to the overall design. I also love the multiple zips and pockets, well placed and not overdone. Made for the fairer gender, but I really find it will be very chic on a guy! Size is 15" x 18" x 4.7", which will fit most male physique.

Retail price: US $1700. Where to buy:

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charmbuster said...

fabulous bag! i even love this color too... hmmm i might have to get it now... LOL