Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Material Boy #116

Louis Vuitton Monogramoflage Limited Edition Bag Charm

While browsing thru bagaholicboy's blog, I was alerted to another accessory that I will be drolling over. And surprise is from Louis Vuitton again:-) I did not expect me to like LV stuff this much, but this accessory, the limited edition Louis Vuitton Monogramoflage Bag Charm is a good combination of bling and military glam! Imagine, how butch and yet showy this would look on your bags. :-P I love dog tags. Have a special thing for all things military looking. Okay, maybe with a bit of glamour on them, not your typical yucky army gear.

What I like about this bag charm is you can dismantle it and use it seperately as a dog tag necklace. How cute!:-) And it screams LV and limited edition, what more could you ask for?

I want! Now what is left is to find out the price. Hopefully within budget and not cost me the GDP of a small developing nation.

Retail price: SGD $730. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ngee Ann City


DesignBox said...

I don't really like LV but this was ok! Was think the same as you Kev ;P

SE@N said...

USD 480 and it comes in 2 colors - red and khaki.

Anthony said...

Hey, i just create a blog inspired by you with a lot of clothes for sale.
please give an eye i will put a lot of my clothes this day.

[im-mature] said...

it is gorgeus indeed :D

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's too beautiful to resist. I'll be having bread for the rest of the months. Do let us know the price if u find out.

Kevin said...

Hey Paolo,

great minds think alike. Yeah, this could also make a great necklace. It seems only one tag can be removed. The one with the limited edition Murakami engraved on it. But that is the coolest of the lot. so I would not mind:-)

Kevin said...

Hi Anthony,

thanks for using me as the inspiration for your blog:-P Unfortunately, I wear only small sizes...hope you find your buyers soon!:-)

and sean, thanks for the pricing tip. US$480...that's pretty pricey...yikes.

and IM-Mature and anonymous, it is such a wonderful piece of accessory to own...the limited edition means only selected people could have it. Good luck to all who wants this! hope you guys managed to buy it!

charmbuster said...

OMG i was SO waiting for this to come out, since I have the monogramouflage speedy and treillis, i'll HAVE to get this too =)

By The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Hey Kevin, I checked. SGD730, Ngee Ann has 3 'display pieces' and apparently only the Red was made. Maybe they are keeping the Khaki one for VICs. Not sure.


DesignBox said...

My god my spelling sucks! Ha ha ha. The worst thing is that I always see my "wrongs" after I've posted something.

Anthony said...

Hey, i wear only small size 44-46 italian in jeans, please check it, i will put a lot this day in small size only.

Kevin said...

Thank you Bagaholicboy! You are such a good resource for LV:-) They should pay you for helping to disseminate all the important information to interested individuals!:-) hehe

Are you going to get one yourself?

SGD $730 is expensive...but LV is never cheap anyways. I might go check it out tommorrow. see what happens. But I really dun feel like spending money all of a sudden. I just wanna save money to go travelling. I miss europe!:-P

Hi Paolo, Dun worry about the typos. I always have lots of typos in all I write until I proof read it...which I am always too lazy.:-P So no sweat about it! We understand you perfectly!

And charmbuster...good luck on your purchase! Hope you get one soon!

Anonymous said...

i really like this but way too expensive for something i have no real use for.