Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Material Boy #117

Hermès 'H' Buckle Belt

End of season sales is a great time. It is good for the first few weeks, where you rushed to snapped up all the items that you have been eyeing for at a markdown price. Yes, it is a great feeling to shop the sales. But when it gets passed 4-5 weeks, I am getting 'overdose' of sales and felt really bored with what's in the stores. What you have wanted is already bought and nothing new interest you anymore.

So this is the time when I fall back on classics. I go check out merchandise that never goes on sale. Or brands that never or rarely have a sale. The top 2 brands that comes to mind...Louis Vuitton and Hermès. Today after the horribly boring and trashy movie 'Hancock', I decided to check out DFS Galleria at Scotts Road since it is a while I have set foot on that place. I do not really like shopping there as they usually just stock all the tourist yucky designs even for the luxury labels. I could seldom find anything I fancy there. To my surprise, there was a huge revamp at DFS Scottswalk. Oh my, the uppermost floor has been revamped to house many new brands in a store in store concept. Among them are Bottega Veneta, Mulberry, Celine, Chloé etc. But what was most memorable was my visit to the Hermès shop. I spotted the very beautiful 'H' buckle belt in a colour I have been wanting...bright blue! WOW...I could work this belt with a nice pair of whites shorts or jeans and it will look ultra elegant. The blue will spice up any outfit with a dash of bright blue. Furthermore, I have been thinking of getting the 'H' buckle belt for a long time the belt became extremely tempting.

Made from really nice calf leather, the belt and the buckle are sold seperately and is reversible and interchangable should you acquired other colours or designs. Very interesting. What is left now is to think it the price tag is huge for a plain belt like this. I would love to get the cyan blue one or even the signature Hermès orange.

Retail price: SGD $920 (Belt and Buckle). Where to buy: Hermès Boutique at DFS Galleria, Scottwalk


shoe-holic said...

i may get the belt in london if it is cheaper there. ;-)

920 you say for both belt and buckle?

Kevin said...

Yeah, it is SGD $920:-)

UK is 295 pounds.:-) hope you find a better deal in London!:-)

thompsonboy said...

Awwww....thats the belt that I wanted for myself too but hold back because of the price. It's really amazing looking and versatile too (I mean reversable, how fab is that)....but so many things to buy, yet so little money.

Classiclicious said...

I have always love Hermes belt. I would say Hermes has very nice belts and scarves.

00o00 said...

the blue is nice
can never have enough of hermes

Kevin said...

Hi Jo Ann, Yeah Hermes, the ultimate in luxury goods:-P

and Thompsonboy, Hermes is always expensive...yikes...I sometimes am shocked at the pricing.

And Joseph, I love the blue on the belt. The image is photoshop by may not be the exact shade.But the actual thing is stunning.:-)

Anonymous said...


would u pair a blue hermes belt with a shoe that isn'tt blue?

Kevin said...

Hi Anonymous,

To answer your question:-P

I think we have all been brought to believe that our belt and shoes should be of a matching colour to be fashionably correct. But that is no longer true now:-) These days,the general thoughts on this 'issue' among the fashion savvy folks is that belts and shoes need not be the same colour. So wear your blue Hermes belt, match it with a brown pair of loafers, white sneakers, yellow sandals etc...the possibilites are endless. Having said that, if you are going to accessorise with colours, make sure your outfit is simple and neutral enough so as to now end up like a colour experiment gone wrong:-P

Happy dressing up! Fashion is fun. It's all about expressing yourself.

AshLuxe said...

Lagon is new...Etoupe is also a beautiful colour. If you are contemplating your new Hermes belt, maybe get the classic orange and black one

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, saw that the Hermes belt is up on your obsession list now :) My colleague just bought this 'H' buckle belt last month and today he came to me to show me his new Philippine buckle! It is simply gorgeous! I hope you check it out too.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a collector of Hermes belts too. To date I have 5 belts and 4 Buckles. 2 H buckles, 2 Philipines Buckles. Belts straps, I have the Black & White, Black & Gold, Orange & Chocolate, White & Blue Jeans, Sienna & Dark Blue. These belts are so costly but they are most versatile and such a fashion statement. I have in store, nder reserve, the Ciel and Black belt strap and I intend to get the Mirage Buckle in Silver.

Anonymous said...

Hi would you know if there are any new colours now? Or what the new season would be in terms of belt colours?