Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Gender Bender #26

Stella McCartney Navy Large Shopper Bag

This is the 2nd Stella McCartney Bag that I have blogged about. I dun know why...but I love her large tote bags. The previous post was also for a huge tote bag but unfortunately, www.net-a-porter.com sold out on that during their end of season sale. I was too hesitant and thus someone bought that before me. And I did spent quite a bit shopping locally, so it seems the bag is not destined to be mine:-) Nevertheless, here's my other chance to buy a Stella McCartney bag. I love that the tote bag is pretty 'manly' in style. No girly details and the colours this time in dark navy is even more unisex. Although basic, there is enough detailing to make the bag that much more interesting than traditional man bags. The material is of a cracked leather lookalike. Note that Stella McCartney is one of the few rare designers that refuse to use animal related materials in her fashion line in support for her cause of loving animals. I respect that very much. Even with actual leathers, I am impressed she is able to find good alternative materials that look and even feels luxurious like actual leather.

This roomy tote of width 50cm, length 45cm, depth 15cm is huge for anyone. I am a big bags guy...so this size fits me perfectly. The navy colour is less boring than the usual black and the gold hardware is striking against the dark colour. Interesting detailing include the buckled handles, the bottom side folds with a gold squared ring and the rock star chic studded shoulder straps.

Retail price: UK 585 pounds. Where to buy: www.brownsfashion.com


DesignBox said...

That was a nice bag. Just right.

Kevin said...

I think so too:-) Not too full of details and girly. Suitable for a guy:-)

So are you decided on the green shoes? I think it will look great with jeans. SInce the green is a darker hue, will be nice and easier to match.

bagcraze said...

the only thing that made me don't want to buy stella bags is because they're not real leather and they're priced like they're leather.
i don't feel the leather look-alike concept, if someone's really animal-friendly, they should not create something that still look like leather.
it's like a vegetarian eating a soybean food that's processed to taste like sausage :p

Kevin said...

Yeah, Stella bags are not exactly cheap....but I do respect her decision to not use leather. :-)

DesignBox said...

I haven't really made a decision. We bought some huge prints from Marrimekko instead. I'm show you. I think that the bag could be more interessting then the shoes or? Cause as you said, with jeans and a simple t-shirt and a black chanel-inspired cardigan it could be perfect.

Kevin said...

Buy what you feel comfortable with. If you feel green shoes are not your style, then better not buy them as you will not want to wear them:-)

But I think you will pull off the shoes really well. You have a great versatile look!:-P and your long cardigan will look great as well with the shoes:-P