Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The New 2008 National Day Theme Song For Singapore

Shine For Singapore

It seems with Singapore National Day happening this coming Sat, we are bombarded constantly with the new National Day theme song on every local TV advertisement break. Seriously, if it is a bad song, I would have been driven to insanity and rip my ears out. Fortunately for National Day 2008, our new National Day Parade Song is pretty pleasant to the ears. Somehow it got stuck in my mind and I have to admit, I was humming it from time to time for the past few days. Hahaha. Aiyoh..so patriotic, all of a sudden.

So here's the music video for the song, as sung by Singapore Idol, Hady Mirza. Seems our nation's broadcasting standards have risen so much over the years. We are looking more sophisticated now. The cinematography of the music video is of high quality, the soft selling emotive approach to patriotism is very welcoming and not too overbearing and in your face.

Okay okay, enough of making hairs stand on ends for some of you. Enjoy the song. And Happy National Day in advance for my fellow Singaporean readers.


anthony MURONI said...

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Anonymous said...

hi kevin,i have ordered something from london and this is my first time and i wonder how long it will take usually for it to be delivered to me as you have ordered overseas before and it was by royal mail.DO U KNOW HOW LONG?

Kevin said...

Hi Anonymous,

Ordering from London should take about a week or less for delivery, depending on the courier service they use. I suspect Royal Mail should take a week or so. If the parcel is shipped by FedEx or DHL, it's about 2-3 days.

I assume you are based in Singapore.:-)

Happy shopping. let us know what you bought!