Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Material Boy #158

Coach Varick Nylon Drafting Tote

Bag alert! Man Bag alert! Yes, all thanks to the capable 'bag intelligence report' from bagaholicboy that I went to check out this Coach bag in Coach Boutique, DFS Scottswalk today.

The Coach Varick Nylon Drafting Tote is what I would call...Super Value for Money Must-Buys! When do such great bargains for such a beautiful bag come by? I know it does not happen very often, yeah, once in a blue moon perhaps. And that blue moon is now:-P

The reason why I am blabbering enthusiastically about this bag is because I find the synthesis of both functionality and aesthetic appeal in this zip top tote bag. If you want function, this sturdy nylon construct with leather handles and detailing is roomy, adorn with easy access multiple exterior zip and open pockets. The handles are long enough for both hand or shoulder carry. The detachable shoulder strap is perfect when you need to keep hands free and for easy movement. I see this as a fantastic travel companion, lightweight and durable, becos of the nylon material, to carry your laptop and perhaps a few days worth of clothing and necessities while on holiday or work trips. The nlyon will not scratch or tear easily so you can rest assured no amount of airport security checks or cramping into the overhead compartment on a plane will land your bag in the trash bin.

As for aesthetic appeal, this bag has got it too! Functional bags (just look at the standard Samsonite or Victorinox bags) are usually super ugly. But this Coach tote is a different story. The black version is the best looking among the 3 colours offered. Simple and handsome. Featuring multiple pockets that adds design interest rather than overwhelm and clutter the whole bag. The contrast stitching on the leather parts are nice touches as well. This Coach tote can work well as a trendy tote bag for casual days or smart office bag on working days.

Okay, I talk too much. I am hard selling the bag:-P I am seriously tempted. Especially when I found out the price. It's AN UNBELIEVABLE SGD $675! Oh my. That's a steal for such a well designed bag. Only 2 pieces of the black and 1 piece each for the other colours are brought in to the DFS Scottswalk Coach store. I need to make a decision fast:-P

Bad eyes...bad eyes...I just recently got my LV bag...not another bag again. But I can easily use it for my upcoming holiday...this bag will be just perfect!

Thanks to Bagaholicboy for the heads up!

Retail price: SGD $675. Where to buy: Coach Boutique at DFS Scottswalk

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alfred said...

i cant decide between this tote and the agnes b. duffel that u posted here in the sole agnes b post u have. ><

help? =/

Kevin said...

Seriously Alfred, I go for this tote bag. That agnes B bag is only casual style. While this coach bag can take you from day to night:-P Hope this helps. Make a good decision on your own. Go with your gut feeling.:-P

Kevin said...

Having said that, go try out the bag. Sometimes trying and seeing it in person makes a whole world of difference in decision making. I have seen bags I like thru pics..but upon seeing the bag in real person..I decided against buying. Either size is not right or material not right...or style is not right. Go check out the bags personally:-P

alfred said...

haha thanks i would go check it out first.

for coach, my cousin can get it cheaper cause her husband is a SIA pilot and he buys from US( i am not sure how, factory outlet, or maybe from the boutique itself, comes with the carrier, box and protective cover) . she got my mum's bag, on the site is 298 (just like this tote), but she paid 455! so maybe i can get it cheaper than it already is! let me know if u want and i can enquire for u! :)

Kevin said...

Hey Alfred, thanks for the offer to help buy this bag from US:-) So nice of you.

Yeah, Coach is substantially more expensive here in Singapore.

Hope you make a good decision soon:-P

Happy sunday!