Friday, 12 September 2008

The Material Boy #157

Givenchy Buckled Gladiator Derby Shoes

I hope this is not going to be another Balenciaga Gladiator Boots story! I hate having this history repeated...that I cannot get that coveted and rare pair of gladiator style high cut shoes!:-(. Darn, it seems I am going down the same road for next spring summer season cos' I am so fascinated by this pair of Givenchy Buckled Gladiator Derby Shoes now. (The beige coloured ones are TDF!)

Yes, finally Givenchy has made it into the shopping radar of myMANybags...that is Muah! With Riccardo Tisci holding the creative reins of both womens and menswear now, Givenchy finally sees some light in the brand's appeal. No longer the usual run of the mill conservative boring menswear by Osward Boateng and design team. The new direction of Givenchy menswear is definitely more attention grabbing and tongue wagging. It truly allows fashion forward chaps a run for their money if they dare take on some of the 'feminine' inspired looks presented in the collection. Lace over shorts? In bright pink and pink shoes too? Does Riccardo Tisci believe in 'it takes a true man to wear pink' saying?

Well, I for one am not so bold and 'open-minded' yet to accept such a challenge in perception of menswear. But one thing is for sure, I am drooling over these fabulous gladiator style derby(s). It's unique, never seen before (Okay, maybe Balenciaga mens has done something similar before this spring summer season of 2008), but the brogue shoe cum gladiator boots cum mary janes buckle style is quite a quirky mad mix. What a riot and clash of styles, but oh so fun! Wonder what's the 'damage' like on bank accounts?

I could work this shoe look. I think. But I have to try them first of course in case I get ridiculed for being a fashion victim. It's a statement piece. Not for the faint hearted. Especially the bright flourescent pink version. 'Sissyfication' anyone? (Why is the word stuck in my head?!?! Allan...all your fault! It's such a 'cool' word. Hehe. You better come up or suggest a new word for 'macho' to offset this!:-P) out for this label next season. The women's nightingale bags (Diana's blog, has lots of pics!) are already being featured as hot man bags in the latest issue of Men's Non+No G. I bet next season these shoes will make it into a lot of editorials. Dun say I did not warn you:-P (Oops, me and my big mouth. Now I will be stressed if that did not happen:-) *Glurp*.)

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Wax said...

I love Givenchy!!! And these gladiator derby shoes are to die for!! :D

Kevin said...

Indeed! There are bags too that I love!

For now, the nightingale bag:-P It's huge and perfect for guys. My fren just got that reminded me of the bag and now the bag has been featured in Men's NON+NO. It's on the bag radar now.

I like Riccado's womenswear this season with catholism and gothic influences. The looks are fierce!

princep said...

Could you tell us please what the price of these awesome gladiator boots is and if they are available in stores? Thank you :D They look hot

Kevin said...

These are spring 2009 pieces. So you will have to wait till next year to find them in stores. Anywhere that stocks Givenchy will have a chance of selling them. Multi label stores, Givenchy boutiques. Prices are unknown at this time. expect to spend:-)


pp said...

do you have any news, about prices and stocking if available for the givenchy s/s09 boots? thanksss

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi PP,

no news of prices yet. Will update here once I get any pricing details.:-)

princep said...

I just returned from London. I searched all over the internet before hitting to Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, even New Bond Str. I only found like 5 pieces of Givenchy menswear in a small stand at Harvey Nichols. I still can't find nowhere these amazing gladiator boots. Anyone knows? Should I call Givenchy France?

Anonymous said...

5 months after u first posted this post and i am still searching for those shoes... anyone knows if they are available in the UK? my last chance? hahahaha

Emerson said...

I just found these shoes on ebay! Bought the 3-buckled black version. So happy now! Truly amazing shoes. Keep up the good work with your blog!