Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Material Boy #212

D&G Natural Snakeskin Driving Shoe

Beyond my passion and love for, belts, jewellery and all other objects of 'vanity' are also part of my secondary obsession. I would have to say shoes come in second in terms of ranking. So here I am again, with my new shoe lust for Spring Summer 2009. Exotics, exotics, exotics! Snakeskin, ostrich, name it, I usually like it. I know animal enthusiasts will 'stone' me for contributing to the extinction and depletion of animal species, not to mention cruelty, but luxurious skins have been an object of desire since ages passed. So pardon me here a bit, I will always love animals, even extending beyond their 'graves':-P (Oops, I see a rotten egg flying my way.)

Back to the shoe, this pair of gorgeous D&G Natural Snakeskin Driving Shoe has a classic style, in a pleasing colour and texture of snake scales that do not erect goosebumps. In fact, it is beautiful and perfect to wear in the upcoming summer days. It induces a rich playboy look, lounging by the pools of Chateau Marmont and sipping margaritas under warm LA sun. There is some bling to the shoe that comes from the nickel hardware adorning the top. No huge D&G logos...but understated elegance, with an edge!

Beautiful shoes are hard to resist. Anyone shares my passion?:-P

Retail price: US $845. Where to buy:


Fatah said...

Kev, i love shoes, its my oxygen! and i like that D&G snakeskin.. right now i'm waiting on a shipment from thanks to u! hehehehehe 3 pairs of shoes!

00o00 said...

ooo these are gorgeous, i love it a lot!

Anonymous said...

Most definitely, very nice, very playboy with a pair of white pants/jeans, but oh so expensive! darn.

p76 said...

they r nice, but i seldom wear slipon
hehe. well, you could save the owning it....hehehe

gd day!:)

Ray said...

omg the shoes are gorgeous ! I just bought it today in Bremen, Germany, it cost 520€ but i pay for 350€. I really love the shoes ! I am gonna sleep with them tonight :D