Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Material Boy #228

Below: Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette Compact - UK 155 pounds (SGD $430)

Below: Louis Vuitton Monogram Poche Toilettes 26 - UK 175 pounds (SGD $480)

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Pochette Compact And Poche Toilette 26

Keeping contents of your bag neat and tidy is paramount to being able to locate your belongings with ease. Today, I was using my YSL Men's Besace Bag and it seems I always have to fumbled inside my bag to locate my wallet, mobile phone and whatsoever. It was very very frustrating.

While meeting my fren, Mervyn and Bernd for coffee, I cannot help but notice Mervyn has his bag contents neatly sorted inside his bag. I was impressed. (I caught a glimpse of the tidyness when he was pulling something out of his bag.)

The secret to his neatness? It's the Louis Vuitton pouches he has within the bag he is carrying! What a wonderful idea:-)

So upon getting home, I checked online to see what pouches I can find that will serve my needs.

2 items caught my eye. They are the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Pochette Compact And Poche Toilette 26:-) One for all my small toilettries, and the other to hold larger items such as my wallet, phones, ipods, coin pouches, camera or even a small book:-) I will be able to locate my items even when blindfolded!:-)

Seeing the advantages and usefulness of these pouches, I will want to acquire them asap to make my 'bag' toting life easier:-) while looking chic at the same time:-)

Lastly, Happy Valentines Day to everyone!


Retail price:
1) Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Pochette Compact - UK 155 pounds (SGD $430)

2) Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Poche Toilette 26 - UK 175 pounds (SGD $480)

Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutiques


Niz said...

I swear by the Poche Toilette 26! I borrowed my aunt's when I went travelling recently and it just works wonders! Go get it! :D Now I'm wondering if I should get my own too. ;)

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I just saw these in store in LV NAC last evening. Very cool. definitely getting, but slowly...buying the scarce pieces first. It is good to be organised!

Happy day Niz!