Sunday, 15 February 2009

Gender Bender #38

Yves Saint Laurent Necklace with Reptile Skin Antique Gold Pendant

Think safari/jungle chic...No one does vintage tropical inspired styles better than YSL, where the Far East was once a destination of mystery and adventure. This piece of gorgeous jewellery from the latest YSL Spring Summer 2009 collection is simply special and eye-catching.

Always a winner in their simple yet stylish designs, I adore this YSL Necklace with Reptile Skin Antique Gold Pendant. It would definitely be a nice conversational piece to add to an evening outfit of smart black slim blazers, a deep v-neck tee and skinny tight jeans. Who would have thought replicating the skin texture of our 'slithery friends' could look so interesting and unique. It's is like your trophy piece of a prized hunt worn around your neck to show off your valor and triumph! I also like the way the YSL logo is incorporated into the design by adding a short chain at where the fastening hook is. Subtle and yet you will get noticed it's from YSL.

Crafted with an antiqued gold finish, this necklace adds old world charm of 'Indiana Jones' era, imbuing a sense of adventure and plenty of style. Me like! Très chic...even for a guy!


Retail price: UK 210 pounds. Where to buy:

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