Friday, 20 February 2009

My Shopping Conquest #51

D&G Nautical Crest Emblem Contrast White Shirt

Nautical themed, daydreaming of sailing the high seas, strutting down the cobbled streets of chic St. Tropez are some key visions I had for dressing this season. I have been blabbering about achieving this look constantly for the past few I am confident I know what I want to look out for and buy this season. All the niffy things that convey a mood of nonchalance of a holiday by the sea is going to 'thin out' my credit cards.

To get the look, whites are an important colour, navy is a great companion hue...motifs of anchors, flags, sailboats, beaches, mermaids, fishes, seagulls are great design elements that completes the look.

So when I stumbled upon something that embodies a good amount of these elements...I knew I would have to get it:-)

Last weekend, upon collecting my alteration for a D&G short sleeve shirt (which I was supposed to do a quick entry and exit in order to avoid further temptations), I asked to try on this cute D&G Nautical Crest Emblem Contrast White Shirt. I did not examine it closely the first time I saw it while buying the bother D&G shirt (reveals later). But upon seeing it the second time, my 'weak will' in the face of retail seduction stood no chance at all. I have been thinking about the shirt and the look I can do with it after my first encounter 3 weekends ago, before my Hua Hin trip. However, 'conscience stricken' me put off the idea to buy it after I had gotten another S&G shirt and sent it for alteration. The shirt left a deep impression and I cannot seem to forget it. So it was no surprise, some mysterious force prompt me to ask to try on the shirt during this second visit.

The contrast navy stripe collar and cuffs, with the nautical inspired flag emblem reminds me of a yachting club and perfectly fits my most wanted nautical look. When I put on the shirt, D&G's impeccable cut leaves me feeling fabulous. I actually found myself complimenting myself...narcissistic syndrome?!?!...oh my. Shameless now!

Posing in front of the dressing room mirror for a good 15 minutes, I was struggling to justify spending money again. Too much shopping lately. However, with the sweet talk of the SA and my own vanity mostly, the higher shopping powers decreed that I must part my lips to let out the words, "I'll take it!". 3 words that means another hit on my bank account. Do I need another shirt? Probably not. Do I like it? Oh yeah, 1000000000000.0000%!

I got the last piece of size 46...size 44 was sold out (anyway, it may be too tight for me and I will look too slim). The 'limited pieces factor' also contribute to wanting to get the shirt.

Was it worth the decision? Definitely, albeit somewhat guilty. One thing is for sure, I know once I start to wear it...I will feel it's money well spent (I paid SGD $399 after a 15% Club 21 discount, which is not too bad at all):-P

Retail price: SGD $469. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall


Anonymous said...

Congrats Kevin. This is a nice piece!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, not too sure if they are your style. Club21 men has just brought in Woo Young Mi stuffs. Lanvin-ish design & fabric, but only only a fraction of its price. Plus, the cutting is slim, even a size 44 fits me like a glove, when i usually wear 44. Unlike Lanvin a size 37 shirt seems abit too loose for me. I actually KIV that pair of bronze Dior Loafers and gotten a polo tee and pants. very limited stuffs at the moment, hope they bring in more.

- Roland

Allan said...


Kevin and myMANybags said...

Thanks Guys:-) It is nice to know all of you thinks this shirt is nice:-)

And Roland, I did my rounds at club 21 last weekend. I did not really find anything I fancy. Maybe I am very focused on the nautical look I want to achieve. So that is why I am buying D&G now, since it fits my theme this season.:-) I do like Dior pieces...but they are quite pricey. So many temptations...Woo Young Mi is alright to me. I dun think I can pull off the look very well.:-) Hope you can!:-)



agrasshopper said...

Oh! I love the stripe collar and cuffs. Great pick!