Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My MANy Bags News #57

Burberry Menswear Sport Collection Spring Summer 2009

If you want to mix British sensibility and sports functionality, there is no one better than Burberry who could do the job better! Introducing their new line of Burberry Menswear Sport Collection. With a rich history of providing functional weatherproof performance wear for explorers and sportsmen since its foundation in 1856, the brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and style. With this rich experience and now updated with modern aesthetics, the end result is something I deemed noteworthy for every outdoor loving dandy in modern context:-)

Am loving the range of looks of with super light weight parkas and bombers paired elegantly with running shorts, scarves or even slim trousers and hooded sweats. Fabric innovation have always been part of Burberry's heritage, hence this collection sees cool technical performance-enhancing fabrics ranging from waterproof nylon laminates, silk jersey to breathable nylon jersey. I ever expect jersey cloth to be woven from silk. This takes luxury to a new functional level.

The colours are very summer outdoorsy. Using a mix of Burberry's iconic palette of red, black and white in addition to greys, vermilion, yellows and marine blues, the colour range is both fun and sporty.

Besides the clothing, this collection also includes trainers, flip flops and even nylon bags.

All sporty gentlemen out there, this summer you have no excuse to look shabby whether you are running a marathon or charting your yacht out to the high seas! All thanks to Burberry:-)


Jacky said...

are those Burberry sneakers? they look liek Dior Homme sneakers

Anonymous said...

I spotte these sneakers in the burberry stores some time back. They are indeed a copy cat of the famous dior homme B01 sneaker.