Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #50

Below: Quilted down vest with wool pea coat? I actually like this:-)
interesting combination and still looking good:-P

Below: Street dandy style...bow tie and high top trainers+backpack.
Headphones is a must! Love it too.

Below: 'Graffiti Street' look + 'Resort-ish' summer jacket and harem pants + Gladiator sandals?
Not so sure...

Below: Birkin + bland regular dude outfit? Not even a birkin can help save the look. If you carry a birkin, you have the 'responsibility' to at least make it look the price it is worth:-) Not just a 'school' bag. My 2 cents worth... (and I am not saying he dresses horrible...just the Birkin appears mundane with his look)

Fashion 'Oddities'

Fashion is an expression of creativity. Taking inspirations from runway looks and fashion magazines is a good way to inspire. But copying them straight from the lookbooks seem to lack imagination.

Let your self-expression run its own course. If you have the taste and flair, sometimes even odd combinations become a fashion statement that are interesting and outstanding. You may even spark off a trend:-P

Here's a few looks that have somewhat strange match-ups...You decide, which one works, which one does not? Fashion is subjective and sometimes 'democratic':-) What say you?

Source: Wunderbloc, Street Peepers


LiveLifeLuxe said...

Harsh! I gotta watch what I put together when I carry my Birkins… Such pressure, Kevin!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes:-) With the great Birkin, comes great responsibility to make it look what it is worth:-P

hahaha. No pressures. You can do it! your good track record proves it:-P

Frank&Rémy said...

Fuck yes! Finally a superb good mens fashionblog

Will come back here for sure, keep up the good job dude"!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...so creativity and self-expression are to be applauded and encouraged, but only when they result in ensembles which are (conversely) objectively approved of? Seems a bit incongruous and contradictory to me. Perhaps the reason that people may copy looks straight from the lookbooks is to avoid the very same pitfall of which you speak, "odd combinations"? :-) What say you?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

There are no guarantees in life. All choices you make does not always get the desired favourable results you would want. Dressing is a form of self expression. Maybe you can dress right with your own creative match up, or maybe not. That is where inspirations come in. But if you look at a runway look and copy wholesale each and every piece in the same brand, right down to the socks. Then perhaps you are seriously lacking imagination.

There is always a risk 'leaders' or 'trend setters' take:-P Becos you lead and am the first. Up to you to what extent you wanna push it. Like I said there is no right or wrong. Just whether you look like an oddball or a true fashionista.

Anonymous said...

hey kevin! awesome blog!
and its great to finally read such a good fashion blog from a singaporean. a good one finally.

love your posts! and i loved the cummerbunds used in burberry's fall 09 collection. was wondering if i should use it for prom, well maybe a cheaper version of it but cant seem to see it anywhere here in singapore..

keep it up :D

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Try Zara:-) They have a similar version:-)


Michael St. James said...

I love all of these looks, but they do seem a bit odd!

Benjamin said...

Uhhuhuuhuh... Louis Vuitton Gladiator sandals ^_^ they were my summer must haves... but didn't have the money :/

Love the last outfit too!

Mister Bow Tie said...

Nice photography and commentary. You have a very sensible, cool and 'together' blog. Glad to be a new reader.

Would love to hear what you think of our bow ties...www.misterbowtie.com.

Keep up the good work!

Last Style of Defense said...

LOVE the Birkin dude...sUper cute and a hott look! It's such an effortless put-together. I totally disagree with you Kevin, as I see the Birkin accentuated by his relaxed look. The Birkin speaks volumes and doesn't have to be helped along by a smart suit or a jeans/jacket monstrosity (the worst thing tom ford ever did was team a suit jacket with jeans). Tbh, the first thing i noticed was his bag...and then the yellow on his sweater.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks for all the comments:-) It is nice to see different sets of opinions:-) Birkin is always a 'controversial' topic cos it is such an icon:-P Hehe.

The Dealer said...

Kevin I coulda like the look the guy with the grey birkin.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

so how *should* one dress with a Birkin? i'd really like to know. i personally think the Birkin's a more casual looking bag than say the Kelly. i find nothing odd about that getup. what bag would've saved that look?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Tom, when you see it, you will know:-) There are many ways to match up a birkin...so it's hard to pin point a look. Personally, I will wear a blazer, with tee inside, some nice lace-ups and shorts.

Everyone has their style,unfortunately, I do not agree with the guy's. The colours of neon yellow and blue is so high techy, more DKNY than anything else. I will prefer a certain classic flair for such a classic bag. More sophisticated.

Allan said...

The Birkin is often called a bag for the "matronly" crowd. Having said that, I applaud the guy for wearing clothes his age and letting the Birkin conform to his looks rather than his outfit conforming to the bag.

Moreover, by wearing a matching grey undershirt and showing some parts of it, I can see that he already did justice to the Birkin.