Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Runway Sniper #30

Gucci Spring Summer 2010 Menswear

Frida Giannini knows what her Gucci man represents...youth, exuberance, flamboyance, hedonistic individuals who knows how to enjoy life while working hard. This season, this Gucci man balances work and play with a healthy dose of sporting edge. Sauntering down the runway of Gucci's Spring Summer 2010 Menswear Collection, inspirations are derived from sports such as scuba diving and kitesurfing. We see outfits with a fusion of nylon, cotton, leather and rubberised looking croc and python, ready to sweat it out on those able-bodied Gucci men. Fabulous parkas, bikers jackets and windbreakers are a staple in the collection.

On a more formal side, we see pristine white jacquard suits paired with colourful ethnic Kilim shirts that adds zest and a sense of worldly travel. Colours of bright whites, electric blue, iridescent pink and summery yellows suggest a vibrant and adventurous spirit of the Frida's Gucci men .

Clothes wise, the silhouette is perfect, streamlined and sporty, nothing too radical and yet nothing too safe. A very wearable collection that will guarantee healthy finances for Gucci. Wearability has always been the basis of Frida's tenure at Gucci. The positive sales figures amongst the other weaker Gucci owned brands are evidence for the success of her designs, especially during these trying times.

However, much as I applaud the ready to wear pieces, what turns me off are the bag designs. In my opinion, a half baked effort that relied too much on recurring designs, while lacking imagination and surprise. Most were either under or over-designed. The only saving grace are the midnight-blue matte croc skin tote and duffel bag that is of bearable mention.

Same can be spoken on the other accessories such as belts and necklaces. Equally a letdown. Use of boring branding as a main design element quickly plunge them into territories of tacky and mundane. Shoes border on copying, as seen on the multi-coloured/leather loafers (Prada SS2008?) and strappy high cut trainers (Kris Van Assche?).

Mixed feelings were had upon viewing the collection. Perhaps seeing these when they arrive in stores might help change my opinion.

Source: www.men.style.com


Anonymous said...

yux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no intellectually principles of design at all.....what was Frida thinking.OMG....GUCCI should made changes whether who is the creative director.

Allan said...

I'm not surprised with the bag designs. There aren't that much room for improvement/innovation with bags for men anyway. It could look like a remake of a cabas, a Keepall, a Bolide, a HAC, etc etc.

And it's Gucci. Since when did they get known for bags for men?

Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Come on....stop with those bags...make some quirky cool design.....not like a similar design i can find elsewhere.The ladies falls bag was definitely an absolute disaster.....plain,so astronaut looking(i might say)...well not all..what i mean was the galaxy bag.omg.....you guys should check it out.

deluxeduck said...

generally not doing it for me either. those croc banded loafers are VERY Prada S/S 2008 indeed.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Indeed...those bags are just no surprise...you can recurr designs...but at least do something exciting with it. And your bags need to be in classic status to be able to do different interpretations:-P

Nikki said...

i'm surprised by the negative comments, i always appreciate clean lines and preppy takes on clothes. but i do understand that there's simply nothing new in this collection. nonetheless, that white and gray overnight bag made my heart skip a beat.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Nikki, it is all a matter of perference:-) No one is right or wrong:-) Some may like the more simple styles. I like the clothes, just not the accessories. I think the logo is always too big and there is too much or too litle going on for bags. And they need to come up with more interesting shapes for the prices they will be charging for these bags!:-P


Nico said...

I really don't think that the accessories are THAT bad! I mean, Frida may be thinking that a little sporty/casual chic doesn't have to be enclosed in cowhide and overstyled extravagance. Men's bags are good to be understated; something simple and uber functional is a major key and a big marketing strategy for luxury brands. She must be tapping onto that simpler mindset: something that doesn't say "I'm rich and I have a job, and you don't."