Thursday, 23 April 2009

Gender Bender #41

Givenchy Women's Fall Winter 2009/2010 Pandora Leather Tote

Riccardo Tisci is steering Givenchy to fashion stardom! Not only has the brand garnered lots of attention for fashion heavy-weights at top magazines, but his work is now coveted by many women from all over the world. His fetish-ish, dark, often catholic inspired looks sees clothing adorn with unexpected details and often sexy without being blatant. This aesthetics translates to his accessories collections as well or even his menswear.

After my drooling over his Nightingale bag, I have again spotted another note-worthy design from his FW2009 women's accessories collection that I am powerless to not lust after:-P

The very interesting design of this leather bag is what caught my eye. With just a single handle, the huge boxy shape slouches and droops over to achieve a unique look. A shoulder sling provides an added option for a new style. I especially love how the corners of the boxy shape forms an angular effect that is almost 'margielic'. This bag will definitely set you apart from other more conventional designs. Since the bag is adorned with simple lines with no frivolous detailing, this bag is perfect for guys as well. Wear it with your own dark and powerful looks, the likes of Rick Owens, Julius and of course Givenchy menswear.

I am definitely going to keep an eye on this bag cum next season. It's a true 'unconventional' beauty.

Source: Givenchy


Anonymous said...

im liking this bag a lot too. very Margiela.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Indeed..very interesting shape:-P