Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Material Boy #271

Below: Marc By Marc Jacobs Plaid Silk Blazer

Below: Topman Blue/White Stripe Blazer

Below: Topman White Razor Skinny Blazer

Marc By Marc Jacobs Plaid Silk Blazer

I have been checking out blazers since last weekend. A gingham checks check that I had originally wanted in Zara was sold out of my frustrating. So now I am scouting the net and the shops to see what is available and where to get them.

My criteria for the blazer is that it has to be fitted, no more than two buttons style, in summery colours, light-weight/airy (Singapore's killer hot weather cannot have thick jackets!) and at a reasonable price (again..Singapore weather do not justify wearing jackets all the time). With that in's what I have gathered...

1) Marc By Marc Jacobs Plaid Silk Blazer - US $428
2) Topman Blue/White Stripe Blazer - SGD $176
3) Topman White Razor Skinny Blazer - £70

All three styles looks promising for summer. But my favourite is the Marc By Marc Jacobs Plaid Silk Blazer. I think my 'bad eyes' always choose the most expensive of the choices:-( Yikes! I have the silk shorts in the same fabric and the feeling of wearing it is divine. I bet the blazer will be cooling and smooth to the skin as well...and feel almost weightless.

Time to head to the Marc By Marc Jacobs store to see if this is available.:-p

Source: Topman, Saks


Office Plumber said...


how abt making one from the tailors?

The price should be around the same as the one from Marc By Marc Jacobs. Whats more, the tailored one fits to one's better than something that is off the rack.

To combat hot weather, ask the tailor to put in minimal lining, and get materials like cotton or seersucker.

Nikki said...

i am totally in love with the last one! i wonder if they have a women's version in topshop.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi nikki,

Topman cuts the blazer really small, up to chest size 34...which is somewhat not possible for a regular bloke to you can try the smallest size! It's really small and tight! The waist is tapered in to give shape as well. Cut is amazing.

Too bad, we dun have the white design here in SG. I love that too.