Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Material Boy #269

Below: Tri-coloured boat shoes lined with tartan fabric - £30.00

Below: White canvas boat shoes - £30.00

Below: Multi-coloured boat shoe -

Below: White Perforated Plimsolls - £28.00 (or SGD $69, available in Topman Singapore)

Below: Tri-Coloured Plimsolls - £25.00

Below: Yellow Plimsolls - £25.00 (or SGD $69, available in Topman Singapore)

Below: White canvas espadrilles - £15.00 (looks like Hermès...except of those Hermès costs almost 20 pairs of this and better quality:-P)

Topman Shoes...Kevin's Summer Picks:-)

After visiting Topman at Isetan Wisma Atria just now, I had to pull out some of their shoe designs to feature. Cheap + Chic...dun we all love style without the huge price tag.

A few pairs of the fabulous shoes caught my eye...but they have more choices on their website. Unfortunately...we cannot do online shopping here in SG. I would grab not one...but a few of them!

I love me those white perforated plimsolls, and even the yellow canvas ones. These 2 are available in Singapore:-P



alan said...

the multi coloured boat shoe and the tri coloured plimsolls nt available in singapore?the both looks chic!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Alan,

I did not see those in the store..but do check it out..maybe they have it hidden somewhere.:-P

I love the tri-coloured ones.

moschular said...

i love the last one. the white :) i saw one in zara similar to that.

anyway, you should try to hit manila mr kevin. be more that willing to join you :)

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hey Moschular:-)

yes, will let you know if I drop by Manila!:-P it's nice to have a local take you shopping!:-P

moschular said...

Just call me by my name-Brian. Will bring you to a lot of good places in Manila! It would be nice to be with a person who loves shopping.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Thank you Brian! you are so kind! I will definitely take up your offer when I am in your part of town:-) and vice versa...let me know if you hit sg! Will take you shopping too:-P

moschular said...

Most probably end of May or early June. My mom and i are hitting hongkong and macau. But we are also thinking of going to singapore. To be honest its our first time! It would definitely be a nice experience to walk with shopping! hehe.

bagcraze said...

i love the last one in white! my bf loves it so much he bought 2 in white and green

Kevin and myMANybags said...

These are really nice shoes.:-)
Zara has a similar pair to the espadrilles, in different colours as well.

I just got the perforated leather plimsoles yesterday. they look fab!