Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Material Boy #268

Alexander McQueen x Puma Sandals

Much as it seems out of place for YSL to collaborate with Puma...(in my opinion), Alexander McQueen is well suited and had been tapping on the sport's brand active wear expertise and designed quite an impressive range of shoes with Puma.

This is his latest offerings, sandals that gets my heart beating fondly (not the flip flops).

Not sure if these are exclusive to Tokyo's Puma stores...but it sure am worthy to snag a pair if you managed to spot one. Technical style meets gladiator. Loving the black and bronze combination.


Retail price:

1) Sandals: ¥30900

2) Flip Flops: ¥10080

Where to buy: PUMA The Black Store Tokyo


SE@N said...

Love that black/gold gladiator...

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I love it too Sean!

Benjamin said...


those black/gold ones are awesome. I want them............ NOOOOOW!

X3 said...

so when will they be out?

Anonymous said...

Hi Its selling at Puma Singapore at Marina Square.

Nicholas said...

they are gorgeous. how much are they selling it at marina square?