Sunday, 19 April 2009

My MANy Bags Giveaway #01

Marc Needs A New 'Friend'...

Remember that Marc By Marc Jacobs tee I got recently thru my purchase of the pair of silk shorts...

It seems my original plan to get it altered falls flat on my face. The tee is simply too big for me. So I think 'Marc Jacobs' need to find a new 'best friend'. Sob sob for me.

"Every man passes his life in the search after friendship."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

But good news for anyone who likes the t-shirt. I am giving this away to one lucky reader who can answer the following questions:

1) In the video posted above of Chicane's 'No Ordinary Morning' (my favourite song of the moment, thanks to Brian), what is the car plate number of the female lead in the video? (Talk about psycho girl/boyfriends! Take this 'Crush or Obsessed' survey as first seen on Sean's blog!)

2) Tell me what would you like to read more on my blog

This giveaway is open to everyone. Yes, even if you reside in Timbuktu, you can join in the fun:-P

Send in your answer and email address to by 22 Apr 2009. I will announce and contact the winner on 23 Apr 2009 on how to get the tee to you.

BTW, the measurements of the tee (lying flat) is 49cm(shoulders), 51cm(body width), 68cm(length of t-shirt).


Source: Youtube

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beautiful things said...

aww, this song brings back memories for me