Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #28

Below: Drools...Givenchy Large Nightingale Bag

Below: Proenza Schouler...medieval inspired clutch? Robbers beware!

Below: Hermès

Below: Balenciaga...

Below: More chic Balenciaga...

Below: YSL Downtown Bag...A true classic

Below: Burberry...

Gals Love Bags Even More!

Since I did a boy's version earlier today...it seems unfair not to feature the fairer gender and their 'time tested' devotion to arm candies:-). Here's a collection of inspirations pulled up from the Sartorialist's archives over fashion week in Europe to drool over:-)

And some bags, such as the large Givenchy Nightingale Bag is tingling my 'bag lusts' again. Gender bending bags can be truly inspiring.

Source: Sartorialist for www.style.com


00o00 said...

the 3rd pic isn't prada, but hermes plume!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Thanks Joe!:-P

WOW...you can track this pic to the forum? hehe. The power of internet:-P

sputnik sweetheart said...

hey Kevin, Audi Fashion Festival begins in May - hope you've gotten your tickets! :)