Saturday, 11 April 2009

My Shopping Conquest #61

Below: Last weekend was my first foray into Loewe:-P 2 bags over 2 days:-P I really like the bronze shopping bag and especially the fabric sticker used to seal the bag. Interesting:-)

Below: Opening the box...

Below: Peek-a-boo...again

Below:Contents revealed! My first Loewe item:-P

Below: Loewe branding marked on the kiss lock and the leather lining...

Below: Polished gold hardware to add sophistication:-)

Below: Well made product...nice embossed leather with Loewe Anagram...

Loewe Kiss Lock Embossed Leather Coin Case

Lo-eh-vey, is how you pronounce the brand (I was actually surprise by the 3 syllable pronunciation, hear the prononciation here). And I am happy to finally made my first purchase from this brand whom with the appointment of Stuart Vevers (ex Mulberry creative director), been churning out outstanding designs of bags and ready to wear collections. Loewe's Spring Summer 2009 Menswear sees prominent use of bold colours, greens and fuschia, with suave and smart styling befitting a rich playboy on vacation. I am immediately drawn to the collection:-P

With this new attraction, my attention was brought to Loewe during my hunt for my collection of orange coloured small leather goods:-) I was thinking of getting a coin purse solely to contain coins as Louis Vuitton's Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse has neon coloured lining that is being sprayed on and may get scratched and soiled when storing coins. After some search, from Mulberry (very bad craftsmanship for their orange round coin purse) to LV to Bottega Veneta (too expensive for a simple rectangular coin pouch at SGD $390) and finally to Loewe. I feel Loewe's design to be very sophisticated and the pricing is attractive. It is less expensive than Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta but yet the craftsmanship is impeccable.

This Loewe Kiss Lock Embossed Leather Coin Case was chanced upon rather than me having the intention to buy it. Last weekend, I had initially bought the Loewe Round Coin Purse in orange...but while waiting for the SA to pack my purchase, my bad wandering eyes scour the shop shelves (of Isetan Scotts' Loewe store) and ended up spotting this kiss lock coin case. It was love at first sight, love the wide opening for the coin case which will prove easy to see all your coins. I also love the gold hardware juxtapose with camel coloured leather and an exterior card slot which is very useful. I almost wanted to make an exchange right away, but felt bad since the friendly SA had ran down all the way to Ngee Ann City's store to retrieve a new piece of the round coin case for me. As I left the store and board the bus home, I felt a strong beckoning of the kiss lock coin case. The price was only SGD $30 difference and you get much more out of the design. Hence, the decision was made...and I took a U-turn and ended up with this Kiss Lock Coin Case instead.

Just used it more fumbling of change as I can see them all clearly with the wide opening:-). Such a thoughtful design which I love more and more.

Retail price: SGD $280. Where to buy: Loewe Boutique at Isetan Scotts


00o00 said...

i met the singapore buyer from loewe about... 2 yrs ago in london, he taught me the right way to pronounce it.

i like the round case.. but can't wait to see the other bag!

what happened to bank closure and all that stuff?

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Pretty.... very very nice... it is so old-fashioned and all, love it!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Yes, the spanish way of pronouncing is the right way. Some people pronounce it 2 sllyable which is incorrect. The SA at the store told me so.:-)

These are financed by the dearly departed bag fmaily members from a few weeks do not require bank loans:-P hahaha.

Yes, BB, it's really classic. The gold and the camel leather is a great combination. But I like it becos of the wide opening. Can see what coins I wanna dig out:-P

Kit said...

i like to put folded notes in my coin purse. is this wide enough? least for two ten dollar note? lovely! thinking of getting it too.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Kit,

definitely...can hold more notes...just that the more you put in the coin bulges and may cause difficulty in closing. But 2-4 notes will not be a prob.

Hurry if you want this. Last I know...the Isetan scotts store only had one piece which I got. and one more left in NAC store:-P


Kevin said...

Actually the correct pronunciation is German, as it is a German held company I believe. I still lament the fact that Loewe has abandoned their US business. If anyone out there is listening, please give us a flagship in the US. I will give you so much exposure!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if Loewe still has this coin case now.... i wanna get it.