Friday, 15 May 2009

The Material Boy #281

Hermès HAC Bag In Indigo Porosus (Croc Skin)

The other day I was chatting with my friend, Mervyn and he was 'tempting' me with Hermès HAC bags. To be honest, if I were to own an Hermès one day, I'd go for HAC instead of Birkin. It's in a 'portrait' format and suits a man's tall frame better. This is definitely one 'holy grail' bag to behold, admire and own.

Well, since I am dreaming, I might as well go all the way. How about this Hermès HAC Bag in indigo croc skin? Yikes...Mervyn's dream I am also in LOVE. If I win the lottery...this may be it. But meanwhile, a more attainable holy grail will be the calf skin version. Navy? Grey? Taupe? Orange? Silver hardware? Gold? Hmmm...the selection of the finishing and colour of my future Hermès HAC bag is already a joy! The setting up of Kevin's Hermès HAC Bag fund is beckoning...and soon.:-P

(Sorry Mervyn...I just have to post this:-P Perfect bag candy...:-P)


oskarsobsession said...

ahhh can you add me to that list too :( SA told me that they wont take any SO on HAC with Croc ... (unless its a celebrity) so I have my 40cm in Black togo since I'm short. so Instead of HAC in croc my dream is 40cm Blue Jean croc


I am so with you on this one, but what happens after one get the holy grail?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Then you move on from bags to a house:-P

hahaha. you do need a fabulous place to keep this gorgeous bag:-)perhaps with a walk in closet the likes of Carrie's in SATC movie.:-P

LiveLifeLuxe said...

Spread the love, Kevin! I'm starting a new fund too for my next Birkin. We can build it together - how exciting.

It's true that they are not doing exotics for Birkin orders now. But if you're a good customer, they'd still put the order through.

Here's to heirloom Hermes! ;)

Anonymous said...

HEy u guys got me tempted to the HAC.Wonder how long do I have to wait to lay my hands on this beauty?As long as birkin?Can I cHOoSE my colour?
Deposit or Full payment upon ordering?

many thanks for your reply