Monday, 6 July 2009

My MANy Bags News #102

Below: I love his purple jeans...and his bold use of colours!

Below: Again purple in a more casual ensemble:-) It's really a Gucci galore!

Below: The seafoam green suit is very Carribean holiday...

Below: I like this combination...simple silver, black and white

Below: Sail away with navy and red...I wonder if he wears these specifically so he can match the painting behind:-P

Below: I was looking for a jacket like I want white pinstripe jacket!

Below: He's got a somewhat 70's playboy, Studio 54 glamourous look:-P Very Gucci. The suede braided handles tote was the best looking bag to come out of Frida's creative direction of it has gone downhill. Sob sob.

What Is James Wearing?

Thanks to Brieuc's blog, I found another interesting blog ( from a guy who loves to dress up! I like his style, he who is not afraid of colour. And he adores Gucci (his looks is very much based on Gucci's pieces. If you like Gucci, you will enjoy his pics), we have quite a few things in common, such as that Gucci Tote with braided handles, and that silver chain belt:-) I especially like the way he dresses with a theme in mind such as Texan in St Tropez or Millionaire in Morocco. Makes dressing up fun. This is one man who enjoys fashion and gets his loyal readers hooked as they ask the question day after day: "What is James Wearing (today)?"

I know I will be asking that same question now as well.

Source: What is James wearing?


Allan said...

like his purple pants.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i just love outfit posts, esp those complete with bags and shoes and shades. that seafoam suit stands out. fabulous!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

His style is pretty cool:-P I love his use of colours. He is fearless! So I applaud him.

Kinda 70's, studio 54 playboy look. Interesting. I love outfit posts as well!

cool e chic said...

...bellissimi outfit

Brieuc said...

we've got the same purple jeans and the same gucci's bag (mine in python)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Those are beautiful pieces!:-P You have also a lot of Gucci items, Brieuc:-) That purple jeans is cool!

Anonymous said...

wow..james sure got sense of style..

hey thkz kevin dude for that link...

i'm soo gonna make this my top list of favorites blogs to visit for..