Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Material Boy #339

Below: The coveted Burberry Prorsum Leopard Print 'Bondage' Sweater from SS2010...

I need!

Below: As seen on the Spring Summer 2010 runway show... isn't it love?:-P

Below: What about a military style canvas bag to match from the Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2010 collection?

Below: This huge tote makes a great travel companion...the more use and abuse it gets, it will look better with more character:-P

Below: Backpack for jungle trekking holidays?

Below: If canvas is not your style, what about a roomy leather version?

Burberry Prorsum Leopard Print 'Bondage' Sweater + Military Canvas/Leather Bags

Lately, I am 'answering' a calling from the wild:-) Leopard print is my new love and Safari is the keyword in my fashion inspiration.

Hence, I am keenly awaiting this Burberry Prorsum Leopard Print 'Bondage' Sweater (From Spring Summer 2010 mens collection). The bondage like strap details across the sweater adds another layer of interest to the already interesting leopard spot pattern. Being simple in a black and off-white colour scheme, this sweater will be versatile and definitely pairs well with many items in your wardrobe. I would imagine it looking fabulous under a blazer, revealing enough detail to add interest but not overwhelm it. Sartorial meets Safari? The thought is inspiring enough already!

Beyond the sweater, the amazing array of military style bags are a bag fanatic's dream. Masculine, roomy, practical styles to let you use and abuse, attaining more character with more wear and tear. Would love to take them on nature inspired trekking trips or even just strutting down our urban jungle.

Spring Summer 2010, come quick!

Source: Frillr, Burberry


Jess said...

the backpack in the last picture is huge. i really like it, though i would want it smaller.

Shane Bailey said...

Not sure with the bags. Great style if they were for Gap of sth, but I don't think they embody any of the essences of Burberry Prorsum. Especially when they are gonna be very pricy canvas bags to abuse :)

Allan said...

the bondage sweater has a tendency to make the midsection look big.

I love Christopher Bailey's creations but I think I'll pass on these.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Wear it under a blazer, that will not be a problem anymore:-P

Strutt said...

wow !! Can you please e-mail me the exact name of the Burberry Tote bags so i can find it and love it!!

please e-mail it to satisfashion@yahoo.com