Sunday, 11 October 2009

My MANy Bags Lookbook #13

Plush Mariner

MyMANybags lookbook is back! After a long hiatus, I finally had some inspiration to create a new post:-) This time, it is all about the sea, protection and all things plush and 'cushiony':-P I was inspired by the very quirky Chanel Cocoon bags that I saw this weekend at the Chanel store here. I dunno why but I also seem to be seeing lots of nautical stripes online these days.

So hence all these inspire my concept of a refined sea faring gentlemen wrapped up in all kinds of plush and protective gear allowing him to brave the colds of the Atlantic. At the end of his nautical journey, he docks at a hip city like London or Paris and am ready to conquer the streets, looking appropriately luxurious and in style! He wears a Fendi Silver Fox Coat Cape over his cosy Martin Margiela Navy Chunky Wool Long Cardigan. And inside the thick warm outer layers, he retains some of his sea faring identity, in the form of an APC Nautical Stripe Long Sleeve T-shirt. He proudly wears a vintage Anchor Brooch on his chest to remind him of his many nautical adventures. And as a military man, his footwear of choice has to be those chic Lanvin Wool/Leather Tall Boots which he wears with his comfy Ann Demeulemeester Wool Sweat Pants. To complete the look, he has Marc Jacobs Stripe Fingerless Gloves and ultra fabulous Chanel Cool Cocoon Bag in his hands.

Come sail away in soft 'plushy' style!

Source: Browns Fashion, Antonioli, Marc Jacobs, Chanel


Eclair Au Chocolat said...

I don't know why, but i don't like the new bag of Chanel. And there is so much ad about this one. argh.....

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Well, it's a basic bag. I dun mind that. Looks so 'huggable'!:-P

p76 said...

if i wear like that in sg, ppl will say me 'kee siao'! haha

anyway, nice combi, albeit to me, impractical. haha


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi p76,

this look is for winter climates. Did you read what I wrote? Of course, it is understood that you dun wear these in tropical weather. Of course you are mad if you do!


Allan said...

I love everything except for the bag.

Doesn't go well with his look, methinks.

I hope those Lanvin boots go on sale. I don't want to buy them at full price. Half price at best. They're wool and they pill. I don't think they'll last long.

p76 said...

hi kevin,
i know u r 'targetting' international readers...
yeah i know u r doing autumn-winter
i actually admire ppl who can wear so many layers. i wish i could do so too, but i sweat a lot. haha.

p.s. some suggestion: since u r a singaporean, why not doing smthing which is 'closer' to our environment? Sg does experience wetter/rainy weather towards the end of year. maybe u can come out some brilliant combinations/suggestions? and that will be a great feature of our country too, right? :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

That will come during spring summer season. Now it's still within the fall season:-P I go by seasonal styles and looks. said...

Nice LookBook Kevin! What a fabulous way to stomp around NYC!!