Thursday, 5 November 2009

LG New Chocolate Phone Launch Event #02

Below: Look at the turnout for the LG New Chocolate phone press launch! It's an adrenalin rush to see this much media people from all over Asia:-P

Below: Everyone eagerly taking in all the info. about this fantastic new phone from LG...

Below: Beautiful 'ambassadors' of LG...

Below: The moment many media guests have been waiting for, Lin Chi Ling and Nadya Hutagalung share their love of the new LG Chocolate phone on stage:-P

Below: And the most exciting part of their stage debut...posing for all the media! Me and Xiao Wen of Fash-eccentric ran to the front of the stage to get the best shot we could! You just frantically snap away at your camera while others shouted for the lovely ladies to face their direction:-) A taste of 'Media frenzy'!

Below: So who pose better? Nadya or Chi Ling?

Below: This is the amount of media photographers in front of the stage with their big huge cameras. My Panasonic Lumix camera seemed like 'child's play':-P Was fun to squeeze inbetween all these professionals and try to get a decent pic:-)

Below: A run thru of the new innovative features of the new Chocolate phone. Insightful!

Below: The HD LCD screen is a delight for the eyes! Such vivid colours and sharp resolution...

Below: Q&A session with the President of Mobile Communications and Vice President of Marketing Strategy

Below: It's time to test drive the new phone! LG was thoughful to set up stations with actual handsets for us to get a feel of the phone capabilities. First impression and contact was promising!

Below: Beauty begets and chic lady:-)

Below: My favourite part of the evening...Time to feast and drink! Sumptuous and delicious buffet:-P Yummy!

Below: Nadya and Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of Mobile Communications Company, LG

Below: Lin Chi Ling 'bombarded' with all the media attention. Kinda 'intimidating' in a way in the face of so many huge camera flashes:-P

Below: Nonetheless, she still look as pretty as can be at every angle:-P

A New Mobile Experience: LG Chocolate BL40

The past 2 days have been exceptionally hectic. Never did I know press launches can be this tiring. But it was well worth all the frantic travelling, I had a most wonderful time experiencing all the media action, high adrenalin rush of star spotting and being made privy first hand to information of a highly coveted lifestyle gadget that is a true combination of substance and style:-)

LG Electronics held their Asia Pacific press launch event for the keenly awaited New Chocolate phone in Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong this wed (4 Nov 09). Around 20 journalist and media people from major magazines (Elle, Style, Catalogue, New Paper, FHM, T3 etc.) in Singapore, including 4 lucky bloggers (yes, me(!), Bagaholicboy, Fash-eccentric and Fashion Nation...thank you LG for giving us bloggers this opportunity!) were flown to Hong Kong specially to attend the event. Although we had a bit of a problem on our flight to Hong Kong whereby the SQ plane went faulty and we had to be delayed 3 hours (to wait for a switch of carriers), that thankfully did not dampen our spirits and we landed in Hong Kong just in time for the start of press launch. We made it barely 5 minutes before the commencement of the presentation. Phew! We may not get a chance to get freshen up, but the friendly and jolly bunch still assumed our roles with enthusiasm and professionalism which in the end, I am positive everyone still had a great time.

The ballroom was packed with journalist and photographers. It an overwhelming sight to be in the presence of so much high energy and anticipation. The event started with an introductory speech by the President and CEO of LG Electronics, Mobile Communications Company, Dr. Skott Ahn. Shortly after, the highly anticipated presence of Taiwanese actress, Lin Chi Ling and Ex MTV VJ turned Jewellery designer Nadya Hutagalung shared their testimonials for the New LG Chocolate phone. Both ladies were in awe with the amazing design and high powered technological innovations inherent in this latest Chocolate phone. Of course, no celebrity endorsement could be without a phototaking session which seemed to get the hordes of photographers in a frenzy of camera flashes. Me and Xiao Wen of Fash-eccentric rushed to the front of the stage and tried our best to capture these precious photo moments. Lin Chi Ling is such a natural with posing, she looked great at every angle. Unmatched beauty of the phone with allure from the actress:-) What a match made in heaven.

After the ladies made their debut on stage, Mr Chang Ma, Vice President of Market and Strategy Team from LG gave a rundown of the new innovative features the new Chocolate phone offers. The most memorable was a gesture recognition function that can call up different applications from the finger motion you programmed on the phone. Very impressive!

We were then screened a trailer of the upcoming epic 3D fantasy, Avatar by director James Cameron. Jon Landau, the film’s producer, also got on stage to share his thoughts on LG's association with 20th Century Fox and revealed the special embedded content that comes with the New Chocolate phone. There was even a TV spot that fused the movie and phone's tie up in a entertaining and engaging way. Way to go LG!

A Q&A session wraps up the press launch and all the media guests were treated with an opportunity to handle the new Chocolate phone first hand and a sumptuous buffet dinner. Counters were set up with actual handsets for guests to test drive the phone. I had a go at playing with this new gadget and found the touch screen highly user friendly. The sensitivity of the touch screen was just right not to be too 'slippery' and yet intuitive enough to function smoothly. Due to time constraints, I only had the chance to test drive the phone's messaging capabilities. So hopefully, I get a chance to trial the phone to be able to give a more in-depth review:-) The new Chocolate phone is well crafted with high quality materials and comes with a scratch resistant 4-inch, 21:9 ratio HD LCD screen which makes picture viewing on the phone a visual treat. The vivid colours and crystal sharp resolution was definitely welcoming!

Congrats to LG for the new Chocolate phone and a well organised press launch event. We will soon see this techno beauty in Singapore markets. It will retail for approx. SGD$988 without contract.:-) Look out for it this Nov 14th!

All pics taken by mymanybags


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