Friday, 6 November 2009

The Material Boy #340

Prada Struzzo Executive Tote

I have been 'stalking' this Prada bag for a couple of months now. Going to all the Prada stores in Singapore (From Paragon to DFS Scottswalk to Prada Ion Orchard last weekend:-P) to 'test drive' the bag in all its leather variants and colours (Saffiano leather in black/brown and beautiful ostrich leather in mais). Is that a sign of my obsession with this bag? Now I feel a bit embarassed for trying the bag out so many times and still have committed to the 'relationship'. Am I am having 'commitment issues'? I wonder what is holding me back from adding this arm candy to my bag harem. Beats me. But one thing's for sure...when I saw this bag again (in red Saffiano leather) in Hong Kong's airport yesterday, it rekindled my love:-)

The Prada Struzzo (means Ostrich leather) Executive Tote is one sharp companion for those chic office days or elegant nights. Structured and ultilarian in design with 2 zipper compartments and a huge central open pocket to store documents or even your laptop. The size is just right to tote or hand carry without 'dwarfing' you. Made for women, but looks unisex enough to pass off as a gentlemen's briefcase but in a much more appealing design. In fact, it is the same size as the men's Prada briefcase. (The men's briefcase somewhow feels boring in comparison). I am a fan of the black Saffiano leather version. But if I had the ultimate dream budget, I would go for the ostrich leather version in a heartbeat:-P I have touched and caress the ostrich leather of this bag at Prada Paragon and this was probably the softest ostrich skin I have encountered. The mais colour is gorgeous and sophisticated while complimenting the gold hardware perfectly. Neiman Marcus offers the ostrich skin in cobalto colour (blue) but I still prefer the mais (camel yellow). Whichever the leather or colour, this bag is screaming out to me to take it home. But until I make the decision, someone, please do not buy the bag!!!!

Pardon me and my confessions of a bag addict:-P

Source: Neiman Marcus

Retail price:

1) Ostrich leather version – US $5850 (or approx. SGD $10,000 as sold in SG Prada boutiques)

2) Saffiano leather version - SGD $2410 (SGD$2490 as at 5 Dec 2009)

Where to buy:
Neiman Marcus or Prada stores in Singapore


Anonymous said...

do u know how much the ostrich was in USD?? I LOVE THIS BAG

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It's USD 5850:-)