Friday, 13 November 2009

My Shopping Conquest #92

Below: I got my Denim shirt way before Trussardi's Spring Summer 2010 version makes its debut! Thanks to Zara:-P

Below: Bow tie for the full Trussardi SS2010 runway look!

Below: Love the distressed wash and copper rivet snap buttons:-P

Below: I am no model...but here's me with the shirt. It's slim fitted. Just grab a pair of black cargo shorts for quick mirror 'reality check'. I need bigger leg muscles:-P

Below: Wear it open collar as seen on Vman magazine...hawt!

Below: Or the classic mets wild wild west...with bow tie:-P

Zara Distressed Denim Shirt

I am determined to achieve the Trussardi look I featured recently from the Spring Summer 2010 runway. So what better place to hunt for that denim shirt way before the Trussardi version debuts next season than in Zara! Indeed, being in the fast fashion business:-) they do stock denim shirts now! The design is very similar to the Trussardi one, of course at a much lower price tag. Notice the seam detailing and the 2 snap button pockets on the front, or even the colour and the distressed effect and wash. I love it. Hurray for Zara!

The cut of the Zara denim shirt is slim fitted so it works for slim guys like me. Now all I have to do is to train those leg muscles to get them bigger or chest wider and more 'perky':-P A tall order...yikes. And tommorrow, I may colour my hair just like the model. Oh my. I am suffering from maximum 'obsession'. Oops:-P

As for my bowtie, got it at Japanese Departmental Store at Scotts Road for a 'tiny' price for a scarcely used item:-P Not too shabby. It's not silk, but polyester...who would know?:-P

Dandy on a dime, anyone?

Source: Vman, Trussardi

Retail price: SGD $89.90. Where to buy: Zara at Liat Towers


ooobsessed said...

Hey Kev Nice shirt!!
I'm on the look out for a nice denim shirt too!!
I've got my own blog now!!

Shane Bailey said...

Great purchase! I think you should replace the cotton bow tie with ones that are made of satin or anything shiny :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Clarence, good for you to start your own blog:-) have fun.

and Shane, that is made of a silk like synthetic material...:-P not cotton. It's shiny like satin.

Anonymous said...

I would like to get a denim shirt like that, I went to Zara but couldn't get the small size anymore! They sold quickly, will you sell yours later online or on eBay? Let me know!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Haha, Eric, I just worn it once on Sat. Not bad. I like the style.

Will let you know if I intend to sell, but unlikely:-)

Anonymous said...

I bought this shirt only 399,000 IDR (about 67 SGD) when zara was sale :D