Monday, 7 December 2009

My MANy Bags News #164

Below: Fendi Patent Leather Black Peekaboo Bag with Platinum Coloured Laser Cut interior... intricate detailing worthy of attention. If ready made ones do not get your fancy, then Fendi can offer you a made to measure service to custom make the bag to your desired colour
and skins:-)

Below: Before I can afford my custom made Croc skin version, I will just drool over these ready made Fendi Black Leather Peekaboo Bag with dégradé effect and black Zucca interior...
Love it!

Fendi 'Made-To-Measure' Service For Peekaboo Bags

Is the Peekaboo bag poised as the next house icon for Fendi after the spy bag? (The sad Spy bag has seen its glory days and now gracefully resigned to its fate as an aging dame.) Seeing Peekaboo bags are rarely on sale, its reincarnation in new seasons of Fendi runway and now this made to measure service that allows for customisation of your Peekaboos in varied skins... Fendi is sure giving Peekaboo bags the attention and boost to classic status. How long will this bag style last, I am not sure, but if it can survive the fickle minds of fashionistas over time, there's a good chance this bag can achieved what Birkin is to Hermès.

More on the made-to-measure service now. This much welcome service takes luxury to a level, allowing you to own a unique bag made to your preference. For the service, you can choose from many colours of Selleria (italian calf) leather, ostrich and precious porosus crocodile skins. Calf leather pricing ranges from SGD $3950 to over SGD $23,000 for Ostrich and over SGD $44,000 for the most coveted crocodile skin.

However, one disappointing feature of the service is the limited choice of hardware colour and lining (for the calf leather versions). Gold hardware seems to be the only choice available which can be jarring if you want understated glamour. The calf leather versions are limited to linen lining which appears cheap for a 'made to measure' bag. (Exotic skin made to measure fortunately will spot leather lining.)

The saving grace to this limitation is probably the (up to) 6 character engraving that can be done on the oval metal plaque inside the bag, branding the bag uniquely yours. Luxury is no longer just how much you can affordable, but what you can customised.

So hurry down to Fendi if you are interested in a 'one of a kind' Peekaboo bags.

For me, I am skipping the made to measure till the day I can afford the exotic skins. Meanwhile, I am considering ordering a ready made verison with watersnake lining from next Spring Summer 2010's offering. If not, perhaps these black coloured Peekaboos will also suffice, if anyone is kind enough to want to be my Santa Claus:-P

Source: Fendi


Michael St. James said...

Wow...LOVE the made to measure service! I may even have to get one now! The shape and style is so classic that it will definitely stand the test of time. Ostrich sounds AMAZING and I can't even imagine the crocodile, but I'd NEVER be able to afford that. Thanks for sharing!

RFSP said...

I love that bag!


your blog!!

Kiss, from Portugal!!! said...

This bag is very chic and owes a great debt to the Hermès Kelly. But, it is a worthy update!

Mike said...

Buy it! I am using it to death versatile! Mine's calf skin though.