Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #71

Below: The patchwork trainers are looking really interesting and cool!

Below: The metallic sandals are looking promising!

Below: That cool space age looking metallic sandals are widely featured in the Balenciaga Spring Summer 2010 menswear lookbook...

Below: There's even a silver version... but i prefer the bronze...

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2010 Men's Shoes

A peak at the upcoming collection of Balenciaga men's shoes... I was not expecting too much since Balenciaga is not exactly a front runner for men's shoe designs. To be honest, often than not, their shoes are boring. Which leaves me wondering why their female counterpart gets all the exciting designs and not the male fans?!?! Life is unfair eh?

However, things are looking up for next Spring Summer 2010 season. I like what I see, from the very few pics I can view on the Balenciaga website. Most noteworthy are the patchwork sneakers with its faux snakeskin + creased fabric +patent leather + suede materials! Now that's something worth lusting over! All the different textures makes up for an interesting combination. The cream one gets my vote! I wonder if the snake skin is faux or real. Does not really matter (except the pricing!), but this is definitely one statement making sneakers that will give those weary Lanvin trainers a run for their money!

On the sandals side, I am particularly interested in the rubber + leather, metallic ones which was prominently featured on the lookbook. Different and unique, it has collector potential for shoe fans! Beyond this, I am not going to talk about the other 2 sandal designs since they border on bland and boring. Flip flops... yikes!

Hope Club 21 gets some cool Balenciaga kicks in store this Spring Summer! (Please, not those other 2 sandals!:-P)

Source: Balenciaga


Maria Tavares said...

Balenciaga is perfect! Love the trainers ;D

Nikko said...

The 1st shoe is effing cool! i need them! :D
and also the blue gladiator sandals!
btw, the shoes looks very similar to those Lanvin sneakers.

deniz said...

Feminen sandals and clothes.
comfortable and brillant sandals. I like blue one.. :)

SE@N said...

gold & blue sandals, you will be mine...