Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #74

Below: Cool and cute Spanish blogger Pelayo Diaz with his Chanel Quilted Tweed Pouch with shoulder strap! The bag works for him...read about his 'shopping philosophy' below:-P

Below: The oversized Chanel Quilted Tweed Pouch with Mademoiselle Turnlock and shoulder strap:-P Love!

Below: Pelayo Diaz with his 'sensational' self made safety pin t-shirt which became an overnight hit in bloggersphere and everyone wants it thereafter! He even got invited to custom made a similar outfit for Rihanna's music video, HARD...

Below: Rihanna wearing Pelayo's creation in her music video, HARD...

Boys Can Have Fun With Chanel Too!

Chanel 2.55 bags have always been a coveted collectible for every fashion forward girl since decades. So why let the girls have all the fun when boys can now join in too?!?

Take Pelayo Diaz, a very cute spanish blogger, shot to even more fame with his self made 'safety pin' t-shirt (Rihanna later asked him to design an outfit for her music video, Hard) after The Sartorialist and Facehunter both featured him on their blogs. And he wrote:

"When I moved to London I started buying every single fashion magazine in order to educate myself a little. That's when I realised, who cares about women's wear or men's. At the end of the days is just cloth with a label at the back. So I've been dying for a Black Chanel tweeded jacket since I saw a rock n' roll star wearing one for a photo shoot for Wonderland Magazine. It look so careless and... chic? At the time i had to be happy getting just a chunky bracelet with a coin hanging. It's all about buying things that truly inspires you, that would make you do things. And that's why creative people like Lily Allen are getting campaigns at Chanel, cause they really enjoy it, and they inspire other people. So if you like it, get it. Fashion is never been about utility (as exception, Grabielle's way of thinking, of course). An accessory like the 2.55 is not just a bag, it's a piece of iconography, used to express individual identity and, in this case, being green tweed, the perfect pillow for the flight to New York Fashion Week in a couple of weeks."

Well, he did just that, got himself a cool Chanel Easy Tweed (Quilted Tweed Pouch with Mademoiselle Turnlock and leather strap)! Who says guys cannot wear Chanel bags?!?!:-) I totally agree with Pelayo. And I love the Chanel on him. I want the bag too! (Mervyn... you getting this one?!?!)

His blog is fun and a good read. He is one cool guy to watch out for his quirky and unabashed take on fashion which is inspiring. Not to mention he is eye candy to look at! No wonder Dean and Dan of DSquared2 adores him:-P

Source: Chanel, Katelovesme


Gig Music Bag Musicians Dolly said...

its really very nice pictures thanks for sharing this with us.

fashionministry said...

I love Chanel and boys with Chanel. I have a big Chanel bag and self-made t-shirt with Chanel's CC. Great.

LiveLifeLuxe said...

I want his bag… and his hair!

But no, as much as I've been lusting after it even before it hit the shelf – I put myself on waitlist just to preview it – I will save my cash for my first love(s).

Gorgeous, really. Both.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yay to Chanel!

and Mervyn, indeed first loves first:-) Must prioritise:-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

You are most welcome Gig Music...:-)

Jens said...

Kevin, long time no comment. All is well?
This post is a few days old by now, but how inspirational, what a guy! Didn't know about him. Love how he thinks.

Matheo said...

I like wearing Chanel bags too, espacially vintage or alligator : http://theblueeyedboy.com/?p=186