Friday, 12 February 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #85

Below: The ultra cute Brad Goreski in his signature Geek Chic attires... Love love love!

Below: The most critical piece of accessory for geek chic, a well cut blazer, bow tie and of course those nerdy thick rim glasses!

Below: To up the chic factor, you can never go wrong with any Chanel, especially vintage Chanel Briefcases!

Geek Chic

I think I am slightly obsessed with Brad Goreski now, after watching multiple episodes of 'The Rachel Zoe Project'. Him being cute and with an impeccable dress sense makes for an ultimate TV magnet. He best epitomises Geek Chic. Nerdy cool, while being fashion on trend.

So in celebration of my new found inspiration, here's some pics of the ultra cute Brad Goreski in his sartorial marvel. And to top it off, some indispensable accessories for fashionable geeks around: drool worthy vintage Chanel Quilted Briefcase (Vintage!), Commonwealth Utilities Oversized Bow Tie and lastly, most importantly, geeky looking Tom Ford Black Acetate Frames.

I need to shop 'Geek Chic' now.

Source: Matches Fashion

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