Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Material Boy #377

Below: Blazer of LOVE from Zara #1... a smart plaid blazer that allows you to pull off the Junya Watanabe SS2010 preppy looks:-)

Below: Blazer of LOVE from Zara #2... gathered seams design that is derivative of Lanvin's Spring Summer 2009 version. I want! :-)

Below: Blazer of LOVE from Zara #3... Modernity in the irridescent blue blazer :-)

Zara Spring Summer 2010 Mens Blazers (My Picks!)

Shopping in Zara is a joy. Not just because the prices are attainable and you can afford almost anything you like. But it is also the constant stocking of new pieces each week that refreshes the store experience. A smart move for a retailer that keeps customers coming back regularly to check out new arrivals. Luxury stores may have all the most coveted merchandise, but the stocks usually becomes stagnant after all the season's orders have arrived. Repeated store visits then only makes you see the same things over and over again.

So I love Zara for weekly shopping visits. Even if I do not buy, I like to see what's available. Sfter checking out the stores in SG and also online, here's my picks from Zara's Spring Summer 2010 collection... 3 blazers that I strongly feel gets a good vote in classic style and yet value for money.

1) Zara Plaid Blazer - What can I say, if you want to achieve Junya Watanabe's Spring Summer 2010 preppy looks, this lookalike from Zara has all the makings for gentlemen allure. I love the white colour with small grey plaid patterns. White coloured blazers are the best to match summery pastel hues. It's a great base for colour in your attire and definitely sophisticated in appeal.

2) Zara Gathered Seams Blazer - Who would have thought you can own a design feature from Lanvin's Spring Summer 2009 collection for a fraction of the price?!?! Remember Lanvin's gathered seams blazer that I was raving about here. I almost got that during the further sale last Fall season. But even at 60% discount, it still costs almost a hefty SGD $2000. (The original price was approx. $4300 as sold in Club 21 Mens!). So this lookalike from Zara's Spring Summer 2010 collection is a great alternative to enjoy some gathered seams design at a fraction of the original's price:-) I also prefer the light grey colour as it more unusual than Navy. The contrast trim on the collar adds a dash of eye catching detail too.

3) Zara Iridescent Blue Blazer - Last but not least, a smart light blue blazer made from iridescent fabric that undulates in tones of pink and blue under different lighting conditions. I love the modernity of the shimmery material... a stunning piece for any evening functions.

So you may ask how much do I have to fork out for these lovely blazers? Well, most definitely you will get to keep your arm and leg... because at SGD $259, no one will have to go thru baked beans for a whole month! I think it's Zara shopping time this coming weekend for me:-)

Source: Zara

Retail price: SGD $259. Where to buy: Zara Boutiques


SE@N said...

thanks for the head up. I need to hit zara soon...

enzoHKG said...

great-looking blazers! alas, i think the proportions are more suited for tall guys such as yourself. :((

ryan said...

Which one do you think is the best? Because I'm going to buy one of them this week :D