Friday, 19 March 2010

My MANy Bags News #207

Below: it's DKNY's Spring Summer 2010 Show at the Ferrari Showroom! Posing for pictures with the huge signage:-P

Below: Pre-show cocktail sessions are great to meet and greet people. Or people watching. So fun to even meet up fans of my blog. Thank you for your support!

Below: Must-visit venue for the event, the bar counter serving champagne! Yum!

Below: This is one true babe or hunk magnet, the Ferrari... such a work of technological beauty!
If only I can afford it:-P

Below: Great attendance for the event:-P

Below: Show about to start and Godfrey Gao (Hunk of the night) makes his way into the runway venue:-P He is so cute!

Below: Male models = eye candy time...

Below: I applaud the ladies walking the runway...quite a few of them took a tumble becos of the slippery floor boards... modelling is not as easy as it seems...

Below: Closing of the show... all models walk out for a group posing in front of the massive DKNY backdrop

Below: Godfrey Gao and Angelababy joins in to the delights of eager cameras flashing away...

Below: Close up of the beauties and the hunks! Thanks to Club 21 for inviting me:-)

DKNY Spring Summer 2010 Show At Ferrari Showroom, 18 March

Had a wonderful time last night attending the DKNY Spring Summer 2010 Show at the Ferrari Showroom. It's not everyday you get to see a Ferrari up close and personal while posing for pictures with those coveted set of wheels:-)

But the highlight of the night is not the car or the booze or the cool DKNY clothes.

Here's my top 3 memorable things of the evening:

1) Godfrey Gao from Taiwan graced the event! He is so tall, handsome and macho (to quote Rachel Zoe..'I die"!), that we see hordes of fan girls and boys swarming around him for photo taking. I must admit I am one of them. He made me feel like a dwarf standing next to him although I am considered tall at 1.79cm height.

2) Next are the disturbing scenes of models slipping and falling. The poor girls (almost all of them) suffered the fate of slippery floor boards and we see them missing a foothold and took a tumble onto the ground. That must hurt! Ouch! Seriously, we feel more concerned than amused about falling models. So no laughing at models where you see them fall down. It's not easy walking on such tall heels. I am always amazed how they can balanced themselves. Organisers of the show, please use better friction surfaces next time for the catwalk!

3) Last but the most memorable out of the 3 things... it's the wardrobe malfunction! One model fell and her tube dress slipped off on one side and we get a 'privy' into some x-rated moments. Poor girl did not realised her dress was undone and continued walking for a distance. I guess many photographers must have captured the 'exposé'. I feel so bad for the girl. Hope she is okay!

Thank you to Club 21 for the invitation. Was a fun night of star gazing, model drooling and some 'restricted audience' moments. Nice meeting other bloggers and friends too:-P

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Nicole said...

I agree...better surface for catwalk next time, please! I wouldn't have all of these bruises from falling if it wasn't so slippery! ;)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Nicole, you were one of the models who walked the DKNY show? Oh cool! So nice of you to drop by. Hope those bruises are healing fast. Got a lot of us worried.The organisers need to ponder seriously over what material to use for the runway.

Hope to see you next time on other events! Enjoy Singapore:-) I just read your blog. Hehe.


Nicole said...

Yes, I was! :)
I go by Chloe for modeling though, hence my blog name. Thanks for reading it, you actually just reminded me to update it! :)
I'm doing a lot of magazine shoots and campaigns, so you'll definitely see my face everywhere! lol
I leave right before fashion week though :(
Your blog really made me smile, I'm glad someone acknowledged the slippery runway situation! hehe

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hello Chloe, nice to meet you:-) online:-)

I see u are going back to US soon. Hope the stay here has helped to build your portfolio:-) and most importantly, given you a chance to experience some local culture and food. Come back again when you have the opportunity! :-P

Yes, Fashion week is near, going to be a busy time for models.

Glad my blog highlighted the slippery runway. Modelling is not as easy as we all think.:-) Hope you are okay now. Enjoy a fantastic weekend. I will keep a lookout for you as I browse magazines now. Haha. U have a great look!


Michelle * said...

Oh, That's Gao Yi Xiang, nice one.
Hope to attend this event. aiks..