Monday, 26 July 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #120

Below: Men and jersey trousers... Will you take it out of the gym or confines of your home? Well, this gentlemen featured in Japanese Magazine LEON says YES. Wear with suits and shirts... to be honest, it ain't looking too bad!

Below: Balmain Homme proposes jersey trousers as well for their fall winter 2010 collection, but added with biker details and much skinny fitted... looking fabulous as well!

Below: Wearing 'long johns looking' jersey trousers aside, will you also pay over SGD800 for these Balmain versions?

Below: Even Bottega Veneta has a jersey sweat pants look for Spring summer 2011...

Mens Jersey Trousers: In Or Out?

Can what was once your attire for the gym or lounging at home be moved to the forefront of men's fashion?

I have recently observed magazines (especially Japanese ones) showcasing pairing of formal menswear, such as blazers and shirts, with jersey trousers. My initial reaction was skeptical about this odd combination. Jersey trousers are too relaxed and they belong where they should be, at home or at the gym. I was not hopeful for any fashion conscious male to want to be caught dead wearing jersey pants out in town. In fashion, never say never. Effective styling does the trick. After seeing many pics of this look done properly thru good styling, as evident in the picture taken from Leon Magazine, I am now convinced jersey pants can make an interesting fashion piece.

For Fall Winter 2010, Balmain Homme offered a 'grungier' alternative to the jersey trousers, derivative from the design of their signature biker jeans, with ribbed leg details and resembling a pair of long johns. See the lookbook picture attached demonstrating how Balmain styles the piece. It breaks up the more formal suiting pieces, a dandy look turned less contrived. The boots also added a bad boy flair that is ever so charming. Nonchalant, comfortable and not trying too hard. Interesting look:-P But Balmain is what Balmain is, be prepared to fork out over SGD800 (¥51,450) for them... (Yikes, that's more shocking than wearing underwear as outerwear.)

Balmain aside, will you ever wear jersey pants and do the sartorial ensemble? Or these comfy trousers will only forever stay in your gym bag or confines of your living room?

Source: Balmain, Restir, Leon


oh fudge said...

Taylor Lautner on GQ with similar sweatpants by Simon Spurr:

USD 275.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...


Anonymous said...

Actually I got mine from TOPMAN on sale for only $29. Just nice :)

SE@N said...

If this trend ever be in, it will be out in just a blink of an eyes... said...

Lanvin produced ultra luxe wool versions and Dries Van Noten did some nice tapered ones as well. Everyone is on the jersey bandwagon this season. None of them fit me well enough to warrant a purchase, though. Whew.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Welcome back Sean!

Hope all is well:-)

Yes, it seems jersey is getting attention from major brands. Will you wear them with suits as shown in the magazine sample page? What is your view on this look?:-)