Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #165

Below: Amazing shoes from Dior Homme's Fall Winter 2010 collection... the crepe sole suede boots is beckoning me to bring them to Tokyo! So fab!

Below: The trainers are the most outstanding of the collection. So many interesting designs that is modern and works well dressing up or down:-)

Below: A touch of croc texture adds luxe to the modern styles:-) love these buckle strap designs...

Below: Contemporary and simplicity is key to Dior Homme's bag designs... never over wrought with excessive details...

Below: This tote with the clever use of zipper as a design element is great for dressing to impressing in the boardroom! Stylish and sophisticated....

Below: A bold splash of red for wallets anyone?

Below: Interesting take on mens' jewellery... love the metal ring designs, especially the last one...

Dior Homme Fall Winter 2010 Bags, Shoes, Accessories

After last week's intense Dior Homme 'brand induction' for their Marina Bay Sands store opening... I am starting to have a deeper appreciation of Kris Van Assche's vision for the brand. Hedi Slimane's influence on men's fashion and the Dior Homme DNA may be memorable, Kris Van Assche has slowly gained ground and rooted his aesthetics to Dior Homme. Now I see more of him in Dior Homme than his predecessor.

Dior Homme is a brand that needs to be appreciated up close and personal. Their aesthetics is for guys who want to display luxury thru the most interesting and refine of details instead of blatant branding and over the top styles. In a profound way, each them I inspect the Dior Homme merchandise in close proximity, I am fascinated by the thought that goes behind the details. Little things such as a slash cut here, a tuck there or how a jacket is constructed with an extra flap, creates the most impressive detailing to be admired.

Below: Dior Homme merchandise needs to be admired up close... so many interesting details are to be discovered. Just look at the flap on the shoulder of this gorgeous jacket that unveils an underlying leather panel. Clever!

Here's a look at the Fall Winter 2010 collection of bags, shoes and accessories. The sneakers being the most outstanding of the new collection. I especially love those designs with buckle strap fastening that ends with a geometric metal buckle. Use of crocodile texture on the toe cap for one of the trainers also creates a contemporary twist on luxury. The boots with buckle straps is another must-have in my wishlist. Equestrian influences but done in a very modern interpretation. The crepe sole suede boots will make a good companion for my upcoming Tokyo trip! I want and need:-)

On the accessories front, the bags retains the Dior Homme DNA where less is more. Simple lines, contemporary and streamlined construction that is sure to wow the modern man in and out of the boardroom. I want the polished leather duffel with the signature embossed linear patterns. Very sleek and sharp!

The jewellery is also topping my lust list. Interesting use of metal rings that gives new inspirations on necklaces and bracelets while retaining Dior Homme's minimal aesthetics. Guys will appreciate the masculine and simplicity of these highly original pieces.

Beyond all the appealing merchandise, the shopping experience is just as important to create a full Dior Homme experience. The new Dior Homme Marina Bay Sands boutique does just that. The store design was conceived by the Dior Homme architectural team together with Kris Van Assche in Paris. Accentuated with design elements that are synonymous with the world of Dior Homme - matte black metal shop front, interior granite flooring, under-lit black lacquered showcases (my favourite design element in the store!), the store design is eye-catching with interplay of transparency, brightness, space and depth. Unique to the store is a one of a kind Dior Homme accessories bar that provides a one stop display of all timepieces, jewellery and small leather goods for convenience of the discerning Dior Homme customer. How thoughtful!

Below: Dior Homme Marina Bay Sands with the ultra impressive facade in contrasting black, whites and gray!

Below: One of a kind accessories bar that provides a convenient one-stop selection of small leather goods, watches and jewellery!

Below: Lastly, of course I have to post pics from my media preview (last week at the new store), with eye candy that must be shared! This Jap-mixed model has a funky look with his hairstyle!

Below: Starting drooling! Dior Homme Model at the media preview. My most favourite model of this year!!! So cute, he makes my jaw dropped (literally). He also tops my list of good looking models I have met. Amazingly, he seems to have a 'model radar' that automatically initiate a pose complete with a model's sultry expression when he is being photographed. Very professional indeed:-P

Enjoy the pics. I am definitely going to pay a few more visits to the new Dior Homme store soon!

Source: myMANybags, Dior Homme

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