Friday, 22 October 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #168

Below: Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook... Love the photograhpy and styling.
(Click on each pic to enlarge for better view)

Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook
(Starring Clément Chabernaud and shot by Karim Sadli)

This is one of my most anticipated lookbooks from any fashion brands. Balmain's lookbook has always been a pleasure for the eyes, with Karim Sadli's captivating photography and Clément Chabernaud's timeless charm.

For Spring Summer 2011, the lookbook shots seem to carry a 'yellow out', vintage treatment that reflects a certain midwest American mood. The shots are done to resemble a photo essay rather than your typical high gloss advertising shots. I am so loving the styling... nothing seemed put together in a contrived way but it showcases alluringly the key pieces of the collection. Well done, Balmain!

I am also excited to see the jeans being given a tighter fit, to the extent of mimicking the cuts of the women's version. Love it, can't wait to buy those jeans now!

Source: Balmain via Brieuc75


Foxie said...

How were those waxed Balmains you bought a few seasons ago? I don't recall seeing you in them here before...the alterations didn't go as planned? Also I think you should just bite the bullet and get the real deal! As close as Zara can get in the overall styling, it just can't cheat on construction, cut, and quality.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh I am wearing those Balmain waxed Cotton black jeans on my upcoming Tokyo trip! Already have my boots ready:-P