Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Material Boy #460

Below: Found these Prada S2011 Espadrilles in my size! So should I or should I not?

Prada Spring Summer 2011 Espadrilles Brogues: Should I or Should I not?

I finally spotted these in my size... (the mens version in tobacco brown colour!). But the question is, after seeing the thicker soles with a orange colour band on the sole of the women's version, do I still get the mens? That strip of orange colour makes the shoe pop even more... the thicker sole is also much more funky. However, sizing is an issue when getting the women's version... since it is cut narrow and the possibility of fitting into or getting one in my size is still questionable. So do I go for the men's version, readily available to me now (compromised on the much preferred Women's version) or try my luck for the version I truly love?

There's also a final worry that these shoes might become irrelevant after SS2011... too many people own and worn them. Not a good thing since these are pricey shoes!

Dilemma, dilemma... decisions, decisions:-)

(PS, both men and women's version are of the same price)

Source: Prada


thompsonboy said...

It's not something I would call classic....and yes there is the everyone has one factor which drives me even further away from it.

Mick said...

If you are getting it at the store, you can specially order one in yr preferred size and colour, so you can try the fit and if the women's version looks good or not compared to the men's. You just have to wait a month. But if you are getting it online, then I suppose you don't have that luxury.

JuanStyle said...

I say if you love em buy em. <3to

Shane Bailey said...

I got the women's version in brown because the thicker sole. Also, the width is a bit narrow for women's and makes it more edgy, I think. I'm US size 9 and I got a women's size 40 which fits a bit tight. A 42 would be perfect. I hope this helps:)

LuxuryObsessed.com said...

I much prefer the women's style, that being said, one pair of shoes in the hand is worth two in the bush. Maybe just take them. I'd rather have another pair or Louboutins, but I know how tempting these are!

If I could get the women's in black then I would, but I can't find them in the US!