Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Material Boy #461

Below: Christian Louboutin is unrelenting in letting up on your wallets... the new Spacer Flat with a tough biker style design is here to coerce your $$$! Comes in black and white leather or beige suede... retails for US$1195

Louboutin Mens Spacer Flat

New Christian Louboutin mens shoes for all you 'red sole' fans! It seems Mr Louboutin is unrelenting in easing up our wallets. Here's a new design... taller, tougher to coerce more of your $$$! Introducing the Christian Louboutin Spacer Flat... at first glance, the black version looked to me like a biker jacket made into a shoe. Love the buckled straps that cris-cross on the front, with a zipper side to add to tough appeal. Comes in black, white leather or beige suede and retails for US$1195. Which one will make it to your shoe closet?

Oh no...more temptations...

Source: Christian Louboutin

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