Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Christian Louboutin Fall Winter 2013 Mens Shoes (Part 2)

Below: Part 2 of my Christian Louboutin Fall Winter 2013 Mens Shoes feature... how could you resist Rollerboys in full on red, blue patent leather or even camouflage pony haircalf with Gold Spikes.... Be still my heart...
 Below: I love the new Blue Khol colour (A deep turquoise) and the grey felt on the Bruno Orlato Flats which also boasts a iridescent metallic trim!
More Statement Footwear: Christian Louboutin Fall Winter 2013 Mens Shoes (Part 2)

Will you ever get tired of Christian Louboutin shoes?  For me, the answer is a big NO, at least for the time being. Not when those red soles keep innovating with new materials and delectable colours that make one’s heart beat with excitement.

Here’s more Christian Louboutin Fall Winter 2013 mens shoes for all to drool over... The colours are definitely getting brighter... the material mixes also more refreshing. Deep red is a strong recurring colour throughout the Fall Winter 2013 selections. Be it red leather construction to matching studs to leather trims... the visually powerful hue is a welcome touch to make any shoe stand out.

If you are camouflage crazy like me, you will be sure to love the new camouflage patterned pony Rollerboys with Gold Spikes or the Mercenaire Flat which forms the camouflage pattern not by printing but by piecing different cutouts of suede. Valentino better watch out... Competition is here!

Another stunning piece that stood out for me, is the pink velvet Rollerboy spikes that will score big with guys who feel secure about their masculinity and dare brave an unusual mens footwear colour. I may not have the courage to wear them, but I applaud those who does:-P If pink seem out of our league, a deep turquoise colour, Blue Khol, is equally outstanding, especially on the sporty Rantus Orlato designs. (Check out my previous feature of Christian Louboutin FW2013 mens shoes here)

Below: Red tones for the infamous red soles... how befitting. The Pink velvet Rollerboy Spikes makes a true fashion statement for the fearless fashion male...

Source: Christian Louboutin

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