Sunday, 4 August 2013

Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Mens Bags

Below: Givenchy has done in again... Amazing new prints the likes of Camouflage with a bright orange and roses are going to cause another buying frenzy come Pre-spring 2014. Also look out for the L.C. Travel Bags which takes on details from their hit Womens' Lucrezia range...
 Below: I want these leather pouches/document holder featuring the new prints, especially the 'Rose Camouflage' ones with the Obsedia hardware!
 Below: You need to love the Bambi print with a touch of naughty! It's innocence meets X-rated... how fun and unexpected:-) The new flame-print is also going to eyes burn with envy... which looked amazing on the leather pouch!
Prints Frenzy Continues With Givenchy Pre-spring 2014 Mens Bags

I believe Givenchy have scored another hit with their Pre-spring 2014 Mens Collections. With the obsession with prints in menswear trend not letting up, guys just cannot get enough of bold loud graphics and patterns.

For Pre-spring 2014, Givenchy is sending out some amazing prints which I predict will again sell like hot cakes.How can you not be excited when you get Camouflage with a streak of eye popping orange or feminine meets masculine 'Roses' (Floral frenzy defines Spring Summer 2014), Minotaurs and a crazy Flame-print in striking yellow. I want them all!

Furthermore, their hit womens bags range such as Obsedia and Lucrezia (named as L.C. for the boys) have been evolved to include man friendly, drool worthy travel bags and clutches featuring these new prints. I think I am beginning to cave in to liking backpacks... since after seeing the ‘minotaur’ print ones, I want to carry one!

But what left the most impression is the print that features Bambi becomes x-rated... the cutest cartoon meets naughty Pin-up girls. How unexpected! Bravo Givenchy, you are the undisputed leader in depleting many fashion fans’ bank accounts... So everyone, start saving up... Pre-spring 2014 is going to be yet another Givenchy stocking up season.

Below: Minotaur makes a comeback on these cool nylon backpacks... now I want one after opposing to backpacks to the longest time!

Source: Givenchy

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