Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Material Boy #572

Below: Deck shoes with a street edge! Love the spikes and eyelet hardware on these Christian Louboutin SS2013 Steckel Mens Flats! It's deck shoes with a edge:-)

Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2013 Steckel
Mens Flats

You can never settle for anything bland when it comes to Christian Louboutin shoes. When it comes to footwear with an edge, those red soles are your go to brand. Check out their new Spring Summer 2013 Mens Deck Shoes (Steckel Mens Flats)... now infused with spikes and eyelets for an extra dose of street cool. Yachting by the seas just got more fierce. The rope impression rubber soles also lend a nautical feeling while the spikes make sure they stand out whether you are in the city or in the midst of the vast seas:-) These are definitely 'wishlist-ed' in my books!

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Source: Christian Louboutin

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #206

Below: Milan Fashion Week's snowy weather did not dampen the spirit of the 'fashion squad'... especially Simone Marchetti who wore a match red cardigan and scarf with amazing Prada FW2012 Levitate Shoes! I love those shoes:-)
Simone Marchetti Wore Prada Levitate Shoes During Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013

WIt's a snowy fashion season... Milan got its fair share of winter weather during the recent Milan Fashion Week FW2013. However, it seems all the frosty weather is not dampening the fashion squad's spirit to dress to impress. Not when it comes to fashion chameleons like Simone Marchetti:-)

Clad in a deep red cardigan and matching scarf... the menswear buyer also got out those drool worthy Prada Levitate Shoes from FW2012. Most appropriate for the SS2013 season's sporting themes that influenced collections from Prada to Louis Vuitton to Dries Van Noten.

Below: This metallic pair is right on cue for SS2013's metallic and sporting trends... love!

I want the metallic pair! Right on cue again for the metallic trend for this summer too;-) Miuccia Prada has amazingly keen foresight for what's in, way before others:-)

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Source: Lee Oliveira, Prada

The Material Boy #571

Below: 'Desperate Housewives' actor Jesse Metcalfe induced serious envy when he showed up at Montblanc's 'Signature for Good - Pre-oscar brunch wearing the newly released Montblanc Star Quantième Complet timepiece in gorgeous 18K red gold... my favourite kind of timepiece:-)
Below: Love the amber tones of red gold against the brown alligator strap. The Montblanc Star Quantième Complet comes with a unique full calendar that tracks even the lunar phrases...  The lower half of the dial is where you find the interesting moonphase display which emulates the changing phases of this heavenly body during the day, when the real moon is either pale or entirely invisible. An incredible innovation...WOW!

Jesse Metacalfe Wears The Montblanc Star Quantième Complet

Most famous for his role in Desperate Housewives, the hunky Jesse Metcalfe attended the recently held Montblanc ‘Signature for Good'- a Pre Oscar Charity Brunch in support of UNICEF.

Not only did the American actor looked radiant and physically appealing (*drools*) in comfortable navy cardigan and khaki trousers... he induced serious envy with his swoon worthy Montblanc Star Quantième Complet timepiece which features my favourite 18K red gold casing. The brown ailligator strap compliments the amber tones of the red gold perfectly, uniting the best of classic and modern design. Jesse is such a privileged guy to get a chance to wear this wrist candy.... especially when the Star Quantième Complet is just approx. a month old after its recent release at the SIHH 2013 (Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie Genéve) trade event in January.

Beyond the physical appeal of the watch design... what I find most innovative is its unique full calendar that tracks date, day of the week, month...right down to even the lunar phrases. The Montblanc Star Quantième Complet's lower half of the dial is where you find the interesting moonphase display. It emulates the changing phases of the heavenly body during the day, when the real moon is either pale or entirely invisible. Fascinating:-)

I just reaffirmed my timepiece wishlist... a new year resolution for 2013. A good timepiece is a ‘must-investment’ this year!

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Source: Montblanc

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Material Boy #570

Below: Visually captivating, Alexander McQueen's Spring Summer 2013 'Dragonfly Wings' Graphic Print is memorable and statement making... The vibrant yellow is summery and dynamic!
 Below: Comes in a range of ready to wear pieces, from shoes, ties, shirts, blazers and more... but my favourite is the silk bomber jacket. Gorgeous:-)

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2013 'Dragonfly Wings' Print

While other designers are drawing inspirations from the sporting life, the extra-bright neons or masculine military themes... Alexander McQueen’s Spring Summer 2013 mens collection seems to dwell in a world of their own. Nature’s world, that is.

One of the most memorable print of the season (in my opinion)... Dragonflies are the heroes of Alexander McQueen’s SS2013’s menswear direction. The intricate composition of a dragonfly’s wings zoomed in to create a captivating effect which makes a statement without conforming to the general trends. Visually dynamic with a vibrant shade of fresh yellow, the nature inspired print runs thru on blazers (USD3095), cardigans (£691), shirts (£580), ties (£120), shoes (£621) and most outstanding of all, a wool-silk bomber (£1628) jacket that will induce mega envy.

If you want a breather from camouflage and overly blinding neons... McQueen's 'Dragonfly Wings' Print offers the ideal alternative to garnering some attention. I want!

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Source: Alexander McQueen, Selfridges, Mr Porter

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Material Boy #569

Below: Sports themed bags taken to new luxury levels... welcome Louis Vuitton's SS2013 Damier Challenge Bags Collection...Love the neon accents against hard wearing Damier Checks nylon canvas...

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 Damier Challenge Collection

Luxury sportswear is taken to a new level with Louis Vuitton’s new Spring Summer 2013 mens collection. Introducing the Damier Challenge Collection, which is crafted from hard wearing and light-weight nylon canvas in the brand's signature damier checks and accented with neon coloured details. The Damier Challenge collection is definitely a forerunner in luxury sports-infused bags, classic styles with a funky new edge.

So what's available in the range? There's definitely a design that will suit the needs of the modern active men. Choose from a Bumbag, Messenger, Sirocco (Duffel) or Backpack. The colours range from leather accents of neon orange and yellow against nylon canvas of Damier Checks pattern in oxygen (Midnight blue) or Khaki. These bags are a stand out with that pop of fluorescent hues against basic colours. Made of tough wearing nylon canvas, that means u take them anywhere (city or outdoors) especially ideal for travelling. To add functionality, there are small detachable accessories to create extra storage, such as Epi Leather portfolio cases to front of backpacks, or pouches to the Khaki bumbags. Brilliant idea!

Below: Sirocco in Oxygen Damier Challenge canvas...

Kim Jones is really pushing Louis Vuitton’s accessories to new levels of excitement. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Source: Louis Vuitton

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Material Boy #568

Below: Another shoe that I covet for Spring Summer 2013. Dries Van Noten's SS2013 Mens Camouflage Print Vibram Sole Sandals blends both sports and military perfectly together. Love the modern 'hiking+gladiator' design, works great with skinny leg trousers.
Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2013 Mens Camouflage Printed Vibram Sole Hiking Sandals

Sports infusion looks are abundantly represented on the Spring Summer 2013 runways by many designers. As does the already ongoing Military trend. Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2013 mens collection takes the best of both of these themes and sends down incredible military sportive ensembles. The collection offers camo printed parkas, loose fitted colour block silk shorts, sporty track jackets and carrot cut trousers (with velcro or zipper hems) matched with some of the best sandals of the season.

My attention however is on this pair of ‘hiking’ style croc embossed leather sandals that features not only a grated vibram sole, but also amazing camouflage print on the sides. The sandals also come with a wide top panel that covers your feet with cut outs on the sides. It’s a modern gladiator design that makes you ‘combat ready’ for your city adventures. I love the navy, black and olive combination which is refreshingly masculine. (This pair is not available in Singapore, but you can find it online at for Euro 487)

For a more sporty version, there is also a strap design that resembles closer to your hiking sandals. The one featured below has a blue and yellow combination which is not exactly my favourite. But Club 21 Mens Singapore stocks a gorgeous olive croc-embossed pair that has more tasteful colours. (Retails for SGD690)

Below: Another design from the collection with a closer resemblance on your hiking sandals...

I love both. Especially seeing how they worked with tight leg trouser looks. Just right for SS2013 and also staying ahead of the fashion game.

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Source: Fashionising, The Corner, Dries Van Noten

Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Shoe Collection #59

Below: I got my statement shoe for Spring Summer 2013... welcome my Valentino Spring Summer 2013 Camouflage trainers:-)
 Below: I love the 'patchwork' leather and canvas camouflage pattern with square studs details on the back...
I Got My Statement Shoe For Spring Summer 2013: Valentino Camouflage Mens Trainers!

One of my buying strategies to acquire a 'trend and keep in budget' wardrobe is to get statement pieces of each season to mix and match with your basics. In this way, your old pieces gets a refresh and you stay on the forefront of trends for the season. Keeping this in mind, I finally got the new Valentino Mens Camouflage Trainers in Leather and Canvas. One of the most highly watched and coveted shoe for Spring Summer 2013... it has already made its streetstyle debut many times during fashion week season. Out of all the colour variants, this pair of pale blue and khaki green version was the most signature and representative for the much applauded Valentino SS2013 mens collection. Rapidly selling out online in many online stores, you do have to act fast if you want a pair in your size.

I got lucky today while shopping at Club 21 Mens Store in Singapore. Originally selling out way before they were displayed on the store shelves, it seemed someone must have forgetten about this pair or I was destined for it. The sizing surprisingly came at my size, one size smaller than what I usually wore. So it was definitely the fashion god's decree that I was to own a pair. (The chunky design and wider cut means I need a size smaller than my usual shoe size. The trainers retails for SGD890) I love the 'patchwork' treatment of leather over printed canvas to create the camouflage pattern. The row of square studs on the rear makes the shoe instantly recognisable as Valentino.

A glorious day to celebrate my shopping expedition. I even got to check out the matching Camouflage Tote in person. Gorgeous size and interesting leather and canvas construction that is military done luxe! (The tote retails for approx. SGD3300 at Club 21 Mens, Four Seasons Hotel)

Mr Porter stocks the same pair at £405. (Click here to purchase) Hurry before they sell out:-P

 Below: Matching camouflage tote bag if you are willing to splurge! Great size and colour:-)

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Source: Lee Oliveria, myMANybags

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #205

Below: One of my favourite prints for SS2013... Givenchy's Pre-spring Summer 2013 'Fighter plane' printed shirt is an interesting take on military trend of the season!
Brad Goreski In Givenchy Pre-Spring Summer 2013 'Fighter Plane' Printed Shirt

I was surprised this shirt was lacking in streetstyle presence during the recently passed Mens Fashion Week in Paris and Milan. I was not able to spot anyone wearing this amazing take on the military trend of Spring Summer 2013. Refreshing to have an option beyond the usual camouflage pattern. Love the mix of paisley print and vintage propeller planes.

However, my style idol, Brad Goreski breaks the 'silence'... he posted a pic of himself at the Vivenne Westwood show during the just over London Fashion Week FW2013. With a contrast sleeve coat hiding the loud print of the shirt and a matching tie... it's restrained fun with print with a classy spin.

I can't wait to wear mine now:-) Retails for approx SGD426 on Luisaviaroma. Get it before they fly off the shelves!

 Below: Matching shorts and a blazer for a smart edgy look! Amazing sandals...
(Pic from Bergdorf Goodman)

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Source: Mr Brad Goreski

My MANy Bags News #375

Below: It's a sporting life Hermès style... must watch clip to give a little cheer to your day:-)

Hermès Long Live Sport: Hermès Ping-Pong Game

Watch this cute clip of ping-pong game, Hermès style! Toolboxes as spectators? Plates and dinnerware as players? It can only happened at Hermès:-) Love it:-)

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Source: Hermès

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Material Boy #567

Below: My summer wishlist... from my favourite brand of the moment... Carven. This Botanical Encyclopedia Print shirt is the brand's 'geeky' spin on summer florals. Bright and cheery and ready for summer:-)
Carven Spring Summer 2013 Mens 'Botanical' Encyclopedia Print Shirt

Florals are synonymous with Spring Summer season. But in menswear, flowery designs tread a thin line between flamboyant feminine and charming masculine. That is unless you are Carven:-P The brand’s Spring Summer 2013 Mens Collection managed to bridge that male floral taboo. Their latest menswear pieces come with a ‘geeky’ take on summer florals. Designer, Guillaume Henry extracted botanical illustrations right out of the encyclopedia and transferred them into playful, whimsical prints on his Spring Summer 2013 mens pieces. Geek chic and boyish charm are now elevated to desirable levels minus the girly factor.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Botanicals Print Shirt or the matching shorts and jacket. Even the embroidered floral sweatshirt ain’t too shabby either. Perfect for layering on top of the shirt. I guess many of my fellow fashion ‘geeks’ agreed too, because the sweat shirt is now sold out in many online stores. Once bitten twice shy.... I may have missed out on getting the sweatshirt while I had my chance, I am definitely not going to miss out on the botanicals print shirt now. After some research, the shirt is now available for pre-order at €306.00 (Vat incl.) at Italian retailer, Railso. But their shipping costs to Singapore is a hefty €80.00 (Yikes!) which means I have to do my search elsewhere. Wish me luck!

Below: I love this look. The floral embroidered floral sweatshirt is perfect for layering on top of the shirt:-P

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Source: Carven

Monday, 18 February 2013

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #280

Below: The flavour of Italian summer runs thru Dolce & Gabbana's Spring Summer 2013 Mens Accessories collection... Sicilian peasants and rustic charm comes in the form of colourful stripe shoes, distressed leather sandals and cut-out shoes. Summer time is here!
 Below: I am not sure about the bags, but I am sure guys who want a easy throw-around style will find something to their liking:-)
Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2013 Mens Bags And Shoes

A full on Italian spirit embodies Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring Summer 2013 Mens collections.  To evoke an authentic Sicilian flavour, a whole village of real guys were street cast for the runway... peasant looks, rustic charm of Italian seaside villages charmingly captured.

The accessories reflect the theme too. Rustic and colour are 2 outstanding details that ran thru the mens bag and shoe designs. The worn-in look, hand-me-down feeling reinforce a sense of realism and speaks volumes of the collection’s relevance to real guys of different shapes, sizes and ages.

I love the colourful stripe lace-ups and distressed cut out shoes that are summer friendly. The bags are perhaps less appealing in comparison to the footwear. But for guys who worship the nonchalance of ‘easy and throw-around’ styles, they fit perfectly.

Source: Dolce & Gabbana

Sunday, 17 February 2013

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #204

Below: Burberry Prorsum SS2013 Metallic coloured ready to wear pieces are some of the most outstanding of the season. However, they take a lot of guts and savvy taste to wear them well. What do you think of Brad Goreski's take on the Fuchsia Metallic Trench Coat? I loved his look!
Brad Goreski Wears Burberry Prorsum's Metallic Fuchsia Trench Coat

Metallic colours is undeniably one of the most visible trends for Spring Summer 2013. It’s an outstanding style to adopt but you need guts and savvy ‘mix and match’ taste to pull it off well. Too overdone and you look like a leftover Christmas tree. It’s definitely a a thin line between success or being a wannabe. However, when you succeed, you are bound to leave a positive impression:-P

I don’t know about you... but I love Brad Goreski’s outfit of Burberry Prorsum’s attention grabbing SS2013 metallic trench coat to the recent Carolina Herrera show during New York Fashion Week FW2013. This much metallic colour on a coat is challenging enough, but fuchsia colour just makes wearing the piece treading on the verge of 'tackydom'. It’s definitely not an easy style to get right. However, Brad’s bubbly personality, good looks and clever mixing of pieces in the same colour family meant everything co-exists in a visually pleasing manner. I love the deep purple shirt accented with a black bow-tie and black trousers, leaving room for the metallic fuchsia trench coat to shine without competition. His preppy outlook also helps to ground the crazy statement piece, reining in the look's bling and steering away from trying too hard. Just the right amount of attention for occassions like Fashion Week.

 Below: As seen on Burberry Prorsum SS2013 runway....

Bravo to Brad:-) Burberry should be proud! (Check out Brad Goreski's other NY Fashion Week outfits on my Facebook fanpage)

The metallic trench coat retails for SGD4895 on

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Source: Burberry

Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Material Boy #566

Below: The bag to be spotted with this Spring Summer 2013... Louis Vuitton's Neon Yellow or Orange Damier Infini Keepall45 with shoulder strap is my top pick!
 Below: And some of these matching neon accessories are not to be missed too... especially the long Brazza wallets:-P

YES To Neon Colours For Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 Damier Infini Collection

Super bright neons are taking Spring Summer 2013 colours to a new hot level. And Louis Vuitton's SS2013 Sports and Travel inspired collection featured just the right visual jolt for their Damier Infini collection of bags and accessories. Love love love the bright neon yellow and orange which appeared in LV's top sellers, such as Keepall45 with shoulder strap (USD2950) and Brazza Wallets. It is good that LV produces these neon Keepalls in the 45 sizes.... and with shoulder straps which make them user-friendly beyond travelling purposes. I need these for my holidays already!

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Source: Louis Vuitton

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #203

Below:The very cute Burberry Prorsum's FW2013 Hearts Print shirt in blue is already making its celebrity rounds way before it hits the stores... starting with Harry Styles of One Direction. Don't you love the cute little hearts befitting any Prince Charming on Valentine's day?:-)
Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2013 'Hearts' Print Shirt On Harry Styles

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow... and by this time next year, Burberry Prorsum's very memorable Fall Winter 2013 'Hearts' print shirt will be a hot seller for this special day. However, we fans of the brand will have to wait our turn to work this cute shirt in about 8 month's time... unless you are Harry Styles of One Direction.

Yes, the teenage hearthrob wore the Hearts print shirt in blue on his birthday in London. The cute little heart shapes makes for an endearing design that brings a smile. Being in navy blue, it's cute without being overly sweet. After the fox print shirt, this will most likely make it to my shirt collection come next season. And for those celebrating Valentine’s day, this shirt is definitely befitting of any Prince Charming.  

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Source: Huffington Post (for Harry's pic), Burberry

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Material Boy #565

Below: New prints for Prada's SS2013 Nylon Shopping Totes... One of my favourite bags for any day, any time. I now want to add these new prints to my collection:-)
Below: Love the green paisley version and the blue geometric florals... almost like a camouflage pattern of sorts:-)

Prada Spring Summer 2013 Mens Printed Shopping Tote

New shopping lists are forming with the incoming Spring Summer 2013 merchandise arriving speedily into stores. One of my must buys for each season is Prada’s Nylon Shopping tote. A staple in Prada's collection now with different prints introduced for each season. I have been raving about the visually interesting patterns and functional aspect of these light weight bags on my blog here and here. Having acquired 2... I can attest to their usability and now they are my favourite 'go to' bags for any time any day.

Your Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy may induce serious bag envy with your fellow peers...but some days you just need a casual throw around arm companion that matches, carries everything and even serve as a good day bag during travels. Prada's Nylon Printed Shopping Tote fits these roles perfectly. Especially when they come in an almost camouflage like pattern of paisley and geometric florals of greens and blues. Just in time for ‘green and prints frenzy’ this Spring Summer 2013. (Retails for USD395)

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Source: Prada

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Material Boy #564

Below: Colours have invaded into Coach's SS2013 Bleecker Bags collection... Loving these beach ready Coach Bleecker Beach Canvas Totes with multi-colour woven leather...

Below: Be city ready with these Coach Bleecker City Canvas Totes...

Below: Travel with cheery style with the Coach Bleecker Canvas/Leather Cabin Bags...

Coach Spring Summer 2013 Bleecker Bag Collection

Colours are taking over Coach this Spring Summer 2013. Their Bleecker collection of bags just got a makeover in splashes of fun colours and designs that will make you summer vacation ready. Crafted mostly of canvas from greens to yellows to blues, and accented with just enough leather to create cheerful designs that is both visually pleasing as well as functional.

Those headed to the beach will be happy with the Bleecker Beach Canvas tote with an interesting multi-colour woven leather handles as well as a convenient shoulder strap to hold all your sun tanning and swimming gear. You will be the envy of your fellow sun worshipers:-)

For the city explorer, get your yourself a colourful Bleecker City Canvas Tote in a delightful size and design which is non cumbersome but holds just enough to fulfill your city adventures.

Finally, the Bleecker Canvas/Leather Cabin Bags are a great travel companion when you take your trips to the bahamas or phuket or Havana... colourful, smart and packs a whole lot of room to ensure you are never short of any of your summer gears!

I love the collection. Those colours are enough to entice me to start planning my summer vacations already!

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Source: Coach

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #279

Below: Part 2 of my Christian Louboutin SS2013 mens shoes preview... let's start with some python trainers, just in time for the Lunar new year of the snake! Love the multi-colours on the luxurious skin:-)

Below: I am a fan of the Pik Boat designs... these new colours and materials provides the right motivation to do more house visiting and get more red packets this new year! More $$$ to finance new Christian Louboutin shoe purchases:-P

Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2013 Mens Shoes (Part 2)

This first day of the Chinese New year... Let me continue my drooling over Christian Louboutin's gorgeous Spring Summer 2013 mens collection. How appropriate that I am eyeing on some python skin trainers from the new collection, combined with a street edge with Christian Louboutin brash luxury. Yes, I am talking about those new multi-colour python Louis Flats (USD1595) and Rantus Orlato Flats (USD2395) which pushes python glamour to new levels. The colouring of the skins makes the trainers fun and unique, especially the Rantus Orlato Flats which has hand painted tribal looking patterns. If colour is not your thing, go for the stone coloured python version (USD1495) which is classic and transcends all seasons, definitely a keeper for a long time to come.

The trainers may be gorgeous in its own right, but my heart are set aflutter once I see the new Pik Boat designs. Choose from refreshing tapestry canvas (USD845) to nautical B&W stripes (with gold studs!) (USD 845) which are statement footwear and yet being highly appropriate for daily wear. Added with a sparingly touch of spikes, they embody the right amount of street edge with luxury.

Now you have more reasons to do more rounds of house visiting and get more red packets to finance your Christian Louboutin lusts!

(See my blog post of Part 1 of Christian Louboutin's SS2013 mens shoe collection here)

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Source: Christian Louboutin

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Happy Year Of The Snake

Below: Happy Year Of The Snake, everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai (Meaning prosperity and wealth for all of you in chinese)....
GONG XI FA CAI: Happy Year Of The Snake

Chinese new year is around the corner. Mr Dragon is making an exit and Miss Snake is ready take the spotlight in 2013! So here's wishing all my readers a HAPPY PROSPEROUS CHINESE YEAR OF THE SNAKE. May you and your family be blessed with lots of luck and health... More bags, more $$$ and more exciting happenings for the coming year. 

Source: myMANybags

Thursday, 7 February 2013

My MANy Bags News #374

Below: 2 of the most coveted brands come together for a collaboration not to be missed... It's Comme Des Garçons x Hermès...a dream team-up! Check out the scarf designs that infuses the personality of both brands... Highly collectible and limited:-) I love the “Quadridge” Dots (yellow) and "Coaching" Checks design. 90x90cm at £330. Hurry before they sell out...
Below: 2 other designs from the collection that is also my favourites... The ultra huge 180x180cm Giant Patchwork at £1500 (top) and “Couvertures et tenues de jour” Message (90x90cm) £330 (below)

Comme Des Garçons  x Hermès Carrés

It's the ultimate fashion dream come true! Yes, Comme Des Garçons quirky irrelevant aesthetics meets Hermès’ refined luxury is now a reality. The 2 fashion power houses have collaborated for a collection of the lifetime ‘Comme Des Carrés’ that infuses Rei Kawabuko’s polka dot, checks and street slogans and more onto Hermès’ iconic and exquisite scarf prints.

The infusion of the 2 is visually interesting and original, making fashion art that is both wearable and highly collectible. Available at very limited quantities of 200 pieces per design, these scarfs ranging from 90cm to 180cm square retails exclusively at COMME des GARCONS outlets in Paris, New York and Tokyo, as well as Dover Street Market in Ginza and London.

Fret not if you lived outside of these cities. Step up on your buying impulse as these ‘definite sell-out’ scarves can be yours too with online shopping at Dover Street Market. Last I checked, most designs are still available at prices ranging from £330 - £1500, with shipping worldwide at £25.

Hurry! I definitely want the “Quadridge” Dots design in yellow:-).

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Source: Dover Street Market