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Gucci Floral Print Mens Shoes For Spring Summer 2014

Below: With Floral prints taking centre stage in Spring Summer 2014 Menswear key trends, shoes are the best way to hop on this style statement without suffering from overkill and looking like a wannabe. Gucci's 1953 Horsebit loafers is classic and made even more fun with colourful paisley motifs!

Below:Even sporty sneakers are getting a touch of flower power at Gucci... Love the olive green floral print high top!
Gucci Floral Print Mens Shoes For Spring Summer 2014

A bohemian spirit is in the air for Spring Summer 2014... Floral prints are running amok this season. Girls are no longer exclusively enjoying this feminine pattern. Boys are now getting them in all sorts of variety, fearless in embracing some flamboyance to their style. Many brands are propagating flower power on the runways, from Prada to Dries Van Noten and also Gucci. From bold graphic versions to soft romantic designs, there is no denying guys love their florals as much as the ladies.

Embracing this prominent trend for SS2014 in smaller doses is the best way to not suffer an overkill in clashing patterns. Ready to wear may look wannabe on many guys. So I recommend shoes as the best way to express your flower statement without trying too hard. Gucci's SS2014 floral prints on their mens shoes has the right blend of masculine sophistication with summer friendly flamboyance for any savvy gentlemen.

I love the Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer in Paisley Canvas (USD590), in gorgeous tones of teals and beiges. The gold hardware accent adds a right amount of bling while the classic shape ensures timeless style. If you want an evening appropriate design, go for the Flower Print Jacquard Evening Moccasin (USD595) in mauve purple hue which is both romantic and outstanding.

For the sporty types, there are perforated leather sneakers (USD595) or canvas high-tops (USD525) spotting floral motifs against olive green tones balancing masculinity with the flamboyance.

However, my heart rests with the canvas espadrilles (USD260) which at such a good price will make for a handy summer vacation footwear sans a huge dent in your wallet.

All that is left is to plan a holiday for a good reason to get these gorgeous Gucci shoes!

Source: Gucci

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