Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Material Boy #10

Paul Smith Embossed Leather Holdall

I was contemplating my shopping list for spring 2008(yes, it's quite a long list...sadly my bank account is gonna go thru another slimming phrase) and one of the 'must have' items I would like to own is a bag in red colour:-) I was inspired by a hip caucasian guy who carries a bright red Balenciaga Weekender bag while queuing at the cashier in Kinokuniya bookstore.

Red does look good for a guy. It is eye catching..it is fresh and most importantly..it adds a cool splash of colours to your outfit. So here I go, searching for my potential red bag to buy. Have not come across anything worthy (red man bags are hard to come by) until I spot this lovely holdall by Paul Smith. It is a structured leather bag with embossed leather texture that looks like lizard skin!(Exotic=expensive looking...yummy!) Polished surface with angular design detailing where the handles and bag base are stitched. However, what sold the bag to me was the purple lining! Oh wow..what a sexy colour combination. Not for the faint hearted, and for those who 'survived' the colour shock...you will appreciate and love this kind of quirky surprise on Paul Smith's designs. Somehow very english, dapper chic. I like it!

Also comes with a studded protective base and a signature multi-coloured stripe MINI (the car) shape luggage tag. For the 'exhibitionists', you can now let the whole world know you are carrying a Paul Smith:-) (which isn't a bad thing.)

For more conservative and 'masculinity insecure' types, there are more subdued colour options, Green and brown to choose from.

Retail price: UK 495 pounds. Where to buy: www.paulsmith.co.uk

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